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Why do all the scanlations groups use this website?

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Your connection is just shit, Pueblo.

I never had this problem.

>Uses it for free
>Still complains

Get better internet

This problem doesn't happen in first world countries. Try not living in a shithole.

I am in Italy and I am having the same problem. It seems to depend on the manga though,.

don't mind me just here to remind the devs to remove the chink cancer

Use a reader that caches whole chapters. Their builtin reader is slow because of enforced timeouts.

It's the only one that lets you upload shit.

Also, try not being a SEA monkey.

Why the fr*ck was this deleted??

Well, your post sure sounds as if you knew a superior alternative. How about you enlighten the dumb masses and show us your solution?

Pssshhhh be silent!!! Don't let (((them))) hear you!
I do not agree.
5. I'm from South East Asia and MangaDex is very slow.
Unfortunately the routing of our DDoS protection service isn't great in SEA, and as a result, you might experience slow loading, and this is on top of all the extra traffic from people in quarantine. You can mitigate this issue by using a VPN with a EU node, such as ProtonVPN, which is free.

Name a better alternative.

>java heavy website
>scanlators even if they wanted to couldnt directly upload to the goddess

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>I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home.
Why are modern manga so shit?

It's just romcom shit, always been like that

>In order to address the explosion in volume of users on the site, we will be upgrading the database, which has loads of >100% during peak times. Therefore the site will be unavailable for up to 4 hours starting tomorrow (27/04/2020) at 1700 UTC. If everything goes according to plan, the downtime will be a lot shorter than 4 hours.
in the first page

Nah, old romcoms were great.
Clannad, Oreimo, Toradora were legitimately masterpieces.
But shit like this is what's destroying the genre.

None of those were manga originals, those are all adaptations.

Didn't they have maintenance for 4 hours?

Set aside the specifics, I don't care about something like that.
I was talking about the combined complex of anime and manga.

baka how dare they not be prepared for the massive influx of users from mangarock shutting down and the chinese flu turning everyone into shutins
tomorrow, see

a lot of internet connections are going to shit because of the massive spike in people who have nothing to do all day because of lockdowns. Mangadex is one in a huge list of web services that are fucked right now

I guarantee you can go back to the same era and find plenty of shit manga, the difference is that everything gets scanned now, even the garbage.

learn to read, it's having problems in SE Asian countries with image loading so use a VPN. Also there's gonna be maintenance tomorrow due to high traffic

Works on my machine

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Use tachiyomi
>original language: japanese

Even so, we had plenty of masterpieces every year in these golden times.
Oreimo was an emotional parabel about the forbidden love between two siblings, supported by great comedy and a lovable side-cast whose members are still a hot topic of discussion amongst fans to this day.
Twgok portrayed love in an unorthodox way, from the perspective of an emotionally distant geek who views these kinds of feelings as nothing more than numbers and statistics to be calculated at first, but slowly softens over the course of the series as he begins to learn the true value of his youthful high school life.
Clannad... do I even have to begin?

On the other hand, new romcoms do nothing but copy the older formulas in an attempt to recreate their predecessors impacts.
But they all fail miserably in doing so. It's truly sad.

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