Digimon Adventure (1999)

I prefer the Dark Masters' Arc over the Vamdemon's. The children had to face the death of many digimons who were their alies and that generates conflict between them. It really develops Taichi, Yamato and Mimi.
I like Vamdemonn's arc but it felt rushed in some ways, specifically with Tailmon and Wizzardmon changing sides after one episode. They should have explained their backstories before.

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Dark Masters' only real weakness was being unbalanced. Pinochimon has a load more episodes than the other three.


Machinedramon only got 1 measly episode despite the cool ass design. And Piedmon went down too easily for someone who's supposed to be the the head honcho (until the ***SURPRISE*** appearance of Apocalypmon)

Piedmon was a better hisoka

Etemon best villian.
Prove me wrong

"Let's gonna fight the children one by one, we are so smart!"


>we won't be seeing Adventure: episode 4 for ages

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MegaSeadramon and Machinedramon kinda felt like NPCs with no personality, just a powerful walking digimon that seek massive destruction. Pinochimon and Piedmon were more developed, more plotty and with more personality

Actually, Mugendramon got two episodes, just like MetalSeadramon. Pinocchimon got 5, Piedmon got 3. With the introduction, that makes a total 13 episodes. Pinocchimon, however, had a lot of other shit to deal with for his mini-arc as well, with all the Yamato vs. Taichi and Mimi/Jou separation bullshit going on as well.

I hope KingEtemon appears in colon

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>with all the Yamato vs. Taichi and Mimi/Jou separation bullshit
I was surprised those happened so late on in the Dark Masters. For some reason I thought they happened in the first few episodes.

Nice hosoda episode reference.

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Nah, DM episodes:

40. DM introduction
41. MetalSeadramon 1, Anomalocarimon's trap thingie
42. MetalSeadramon 2, MetalSeadramon and Whamon die
43. Pinocchimon 1, Pinocchimon fucks with the Chosen Children and Takeru especially
44. Pinocchimon 2, Yamato fucks off and the rest deal with Pinocchimon's henchmon
45. Pinocchimon 3, Taichi vs. Yamato + Homo stacy exposition dump
46. Pinocchimon 4, Mimi and Jou fuck off and deal with Pinocchimon and MetalEtemon
47. Pinocchimon 5, MetalEtemon, Pinocchimon and Leomon die
48. Mugendramon 1, Hikari is sick
49. Mugendramon 2, Hikari is bullshit, Mugendramon dies
50. Piedmon 1, catfight episode
51. Piedmon 2, Yamato character development, WarGreymon vs. Piedmon
52. Piedmon 3, Takeru is op, Piedmon dies

Easier to humanize, I guess. It would be funny to see a cyborg sea serpent have actual development, instead of just getting reemed.

>Etemon joining to the party

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Thanks for reminding me how those episodes went. Coincidentally, I had a brief rewatch of some of them earlier today.

It make sense of Machinedramon to act like an engine of destruction.

Or that they went down like faggots. Everyone except maybe Piemon were basically a oneshot. Maybe it made sense for puppetmon, given his weak appearance and where his shenanigans were the real threat all along ( like a puppetier acting behind the curtain etc. ), But a freaking mech-dinosaur with artillery on his back went down with one hit?

Hikaribullshit + Dramon killers. I know it doesn't satisfy the want for a proper, epic fight, but that's the reasoning. Mugendramon HAD pwned the opposition prety well at that point though, so it's not like he went down like a bitch. MetalSeadramon also put up a pretty good fight.

I haven't started watching the reboot yet.
Does this show have Brave Heart or not?
I know that the singer has already passed away, but I need confirmation.

Reminder that Taichi: is hecking CUTE!

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Ayumi Miyazaki is alive. It's Koji Wada who died.
But to answer your question - Digimon Adventure: has not so far featured either Butter-Fly nor Brave Heart.

who is the worse plot device: hikari or meiko

truly terrifying

You mean in Tri. or in general?
Probably Meiko if it's the latter, atleast Hikari was useful sometimes, and doesn't cry about being useless for half her screentime.

Ah, a soulless reboot just like Initial D.
I'll skip it then.

Given how the last Adventure series that spammed Brave Heart and Butterfly turned out, i'm pretty glad they went with something new instead.
Though i do hope we'll get an insert song eventually.

I am the only one who thinks metalseadramon doesn't fit as a main villian?
It's not a Virus type and his previous form are random enemies

Meant in general. Stupidly rewatched one of the HS tri. streaming episodes earlier today. Meiko's useless and Meicoomon is absolutely fucking retarded.

It's Data so it's not as if it was an evil Vaccine.

Meiko is anime puchi

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The scariest thing is that's completely accurate.

Hikari at least has personality.

Myotismon was based

And delicious incest