One Piece

Viz translation up

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bring Enel back.

I love sencho and navigator-san bros!

Who's that guy with a sword?

Page One

>another break

What are they doing right now?

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He sure is

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What did they mean by this?

I fucking HATE One Piece.
Anyone else?

He will come back when Luffy and the straw hats go to the moon

Reminder to report retards

what is this curve? is it maria's hip? is she like half naked or something? goddamn it, i can't wait for two more weeks: i need answers NOW

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It's Gin

So I was just skimming through Saboady and apparently Urouge and Drake by themselves did more damage to pacifistas than a combo attack of Zoro, Luffy and Sanji


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they beat them up but were never shown to destroy one

Why do you?

Do you really want thousands of sadfrog Page Ones?

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Partying duh

>I wish I was at home drinking tea
>the music is too funky
>Mama's parties are more refined
>my feet hurt

god damn it oda, why is black maria so hot


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>be me Kaido emperor of the sea not the best dad but I try
>got my son Queen and even "The" Who as live music for his birthday party
>he called me stupid and boomer and demanded a poo
>what does this even mean?
>so I jump down some island to get this poo dude...
>Now he wants the Soul King and hates me even more

Sometimes I just don't want to anymore Jack...

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Nami should be able to 1v1 Big Mom this arc I believe.


There are Kizarus out here right now that don't know that Asura is an illusion and bitch about Zoro growing real limbs and heads

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are you complaining?

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>There are Kizarus out here right now that don't know that Asura is an illusion
You gotta reread that fight.

yeah bro probably her hip/ass. can't wait for the next chapter

Rare tan line Nami

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>creates 9 separate slash marks after an attack
>lol its just an illusion bro

Kaku thinking it was an illusion is the exact reason he got BTFO

eneru, give me strength

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Friendly reminder that being able to create illusion for no reason is also an asspull
>b-but my CoC
first, Zoro doesn't have it.
second, Ashura works nothing like it

Okay, we get it, you're great at editing and making fanart. Could you stop posting your same shit every thread already? Its embarrassing.

idk who the fuck drew this but i'm glad

rate their designs for me it's
who's who > black maria > sasaki > x drake > ulti > faget

I think that's just her arm being raised.

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'scuse me, it's pay-pay now

Kaku literally thought it was a illusion before getting defeated imagine being such a retard your intellectual capacity is the same as a imaginary character on a piece of paper.

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as long as zoro doesn't use it again and we get an explanation I'll just see it as a plot hole

Not gonna lie dude, it's hard for me to make a best to worst. They're all pretty nice, although I guess Sasaki is my favorite because he looks like Holdem except not a humongous flaming faggot

I still love the fact they forgot to draw the swords over his jacket. it looks so fucking dumb.

>swordsmen can't make multiple slashes in one attack
what an absolute retard, how many soul limbs do you think Brook pulls out of his ass?


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i'd imagine her arm to be on the ground given the position of her shoulders but we'll see

He just slashes really fast

WW>Black Maria>Drake>Sasaki>P1/Ulti. Page One looks better without the shirt/mask/bucket hat combo.

>Page One actually has a bitch
>Sanji jobbed to someone who can actually get women


>illusion of something impossible happens
>they point out it's an illusion
>"No the guy that said it's an illusion was wrong and it's actually real even though it can't be real"
Black people go away and stay go

zulicart on pixiv

That's his sister dummy

Don't talk about his sister like that dude, it's rude

why the fuck is this shit allowed on youtube

Sanjicucks BTFO

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>Someone who can fuck their sister
>Meanwhile the incel cant get a handjob from Reiju


>Drake is the only one without horns
H-he's the traitor, right?

Stay in reddit

Uh, that's his sister, dude.

maria and sasaki are my favourites, i like the rest enough. maybe ulti is slighlty above the rest, dunno

> page one tells sanji during their rematch to have sex
how will he ever recover?

Tan lines Nami should be canon with bikini and the fact she likes to relax outside when it's sunny

thanks user

>Page One actually has a bitch
that's a weird way to spell "sister". really hope you don't have sibilings, user

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Sometimes i really hate /opg/, and this is one of those moments

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