Sister route is ALWAYS best route

Sister route is ALWAYS best route.
Name 1 (one) imouto/onee-san that isn't best girl of her serie.

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>still mad


Miya is best girl tho

Kobato just because Sena exists.

Sora is still the radiant unashamed silver queen of sibling incest.

But both Haru ahd Sora would had been much more happier if Haru hooked up with any other girl, there is a whole screencap explaining this.

Imouto route is the way to go

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>am i cool yet?
Fuck off.


t. glassfag


There's two of them, and combined they're easily best girl.

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Trick question, there isn't


Bee is for monkey

>Name 1 (one) imouto/onee-san that isn't best girl of her serie.
Any of them that are outcestuous.


Rin from yokubari saboten

NBR doesn't apply of course.

That annoying girl in hoshimemo. Loud and obnoxious

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My little sister is cuter than Mikan

NBR doesn't apply to anything, it's a cancer on the theme that exists only to mitigate the more extreme outbursts from normalfaggots.

Yas Forumsermin is a nekoshitter, what a surprise.

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Not interested in 3d, sorry

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All of them
Incest shit is always shit.

I figured it's for legal reasons.
Read this

>The definition of harmful material is expanded to include "any manga, animation, or pictures (but not including real life pictures or footage) that features either sexual or pseudo sexual acts that would be illegal in real life, or sexual or pseudo sexual acts between close relatives whose marriage would be illegal, where such depictions and/or presentations unjustifiably glorify or exaggerate the activity."


Also eromanga-sensei.

More or less what I meant, the vacuous social sensibilities of normalshits extend to legal policy as well.

NBR is pretty much useless since normalfags still consider it as incest.

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Fuck off degenerate.

They do, but they're somewhat less bitchy about any consummate or potential romantic developments between "siblings" if they're NBR than if they're blood related.