Already better than Mitama

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Latest mitama chap was pretty funny

I like it but it's way too soon to be declaring it better than anything

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So far it's had a stronger start since the gags had me chuckling. I also really dig how the whacky parents are alive and present like how they were in Saiki Kusuo.
Since this thread is here I'll go ahead and dump it.

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Here's the battle shonen premise you faggots wanted, by the way.

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Battle Gag confirmed!!!!

Dump it senpai

>constantly mentioning that he’s only alive for the summer and will die once fall comes
Axed already

Not if Saiki keeps resetting the world so that summer never ends.

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>rhino beetle
>stag beetle

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Thanks for the ummm information

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New Mitama chapter is really good though.

So many mommys this week.

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>he planned to unplug his horn
Would that count as suicide?

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Lmao the author keeps pushing the marriage joke.
Love how Moriking is absolutely fine with that.

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>battle gag
Yeah I’m thinking based

>keroro again but insect
based af

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>the girl doesn't agree

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End of chapter.
Will Moriking turn into a battle shonen soon or will it abandon the action premise for slice of life shenanigans like Mitama did? Find out in two weeks.

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