Post characters that literally and unironically did nothing wrong

Post characters that literally and unironically did nothing wrong.
I'll start.

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Based, can confirm.

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Squealer unironically did nothing wrong. He was literally right about every single thing.

There are no villains in MiA

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And there are no heroes as well though

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The Virm from Franxx come to mind. Infinite pleasure and no hatred is a good thing.

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Both Homo and Meguca where wrong

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Homura did literally nothing wrong tho.
Name 1 (one) thing she did wrong?

be gay

Yeah this thread is about characters that did nothing wrong after all.
Homura, Griffith and especially El Hermano did zero things wrong too.

Excuse me? Your opinion is clearly not right.

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have to call you out on Griffith
he sold his friends out as soon as they saved his ass from the dungeon.

not cool.

fucking homo.

>becoming a dictatorship to fight a dictatorship

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I mean, they already knew that Griffith will sacrifice them if it would be necessary....

Homo is the 9000IQ choice, lout.

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Yet when they joined his gang they all already agreed to die for him and it was directly addressed. It just happened not to be in battle but in a sacrifice to achieve higher goals.

Based. The only thing that was completely unnecessary was Casca rape

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Surprised no one posted him yet

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