Do their tails get in the way of anal?

Do their tails get in the way of anal?

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no they look pretty high up to me

>not sticking your dick in the fluff

Please, I've only just finished cleaning it from last time.

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Actually, it's the opposite. The tailbone in humans can be a hindrance when it comes to anal penetration with a larger object (e.g. my dick), but creatures with tails do not have that problem.

I wish I had a tail.

Speaking from experience, eh?

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Imagine a threesome with them

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Liking girls like this makes me a semi-furry right?

Are you implying that he fucked a girl in the a-asshole? That’s pretty gross

Why would someone put their wee wee into a hole where poop comes out of though?

Anime girls don't poop.

They're both married you know

No, it makes you a man with supreme taste

I'm fine with that.

It helps, you grab it by the base and use it as leverage

True. Also you can use it to wipe your dick once the deed is done

If anything, fluffy tails greatly improve the whole experience

No. Wanting to be a girl like them would make you a furry.

Haven't you ever fucked a dog? They just lift it out of the way for you.


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Stupid sexy wolf, why does she drive men mad with the urge to procreate?

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Ask someone from leafland, they will know

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I want to cum on their tails making them all sticky and messy!

cute foxes

I'm always in for some Holo ass.

I mean imagine doggystyling this, which is almost certainly what Lawrence did before the marriage.

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Do they do anal?

The Chart says no.

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