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Are humans evil or are beastmen the ones with the messed up society?

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Almost certainly evil.

just like irl segregation is not moral but is definitely justified

dropped it on episode 2, did it get less shit?

what's the show even about?

isnt a new episode airing like real soon?


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This is likely going in the route of "there isn't an evil responsible for the problems with society, people are just people, and the problem is that both the groups are people.

Both are evil. We will find out that the aliens were the good guys all along.

If you consider over 3 weeks to be soon, then sure.

Forgotten series
nice satan get though

Neither. It's not so clear cut.

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I miss Michiru.
Also she should wear this outfit in the anime.

i wish the mc wasn't such a pussy that relied on wolf man so much
has the prequel manga been translated yet?

In what way does Michiru rely on Shirou? They've hardly interacted for the last 3 episodes, let alone in a way where she needed his help.

Will there be a basketball episode?

that's true, and the last 3 episodes were probably the best ones. i just wish shirou got his own episode where he isn't tied down by michiru

He was pretty independent during the baseball episode, but I think I get what you mean. I wouldn't mind getting an episode where he's the main focus.

>dropped it on episode 2,
Really? I think it really got good. The premise of the girl was actually a human first was pretty good. I guess we can't expect nice battle animation like with kill-la kill or tgl. But Trigger can do really good plottwists. Basically I hope they would make a arpg like KH.

hey satan.

i'd say both

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nice get
probably this

Why don't the Beastmen just stay in their human forms whenever other people are around and just go live in regular human society?

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They can spontaneously and accidentally change forms when they get emotional or excited. Beastmen children have more trouble maintaining human form too.

this show probably would've been popular if it was just airing weekly instead of the stupid netflix dump

I think most people would prefer lives where they didn't have to constantly hide who are, especially since there are ways to test if someone is a beastman.

why don't niggers just wear foundation all the time?

>I think most people would prefer lives where they didn't have to constantly hide who are
I have to constantly hide my fugly human form by wearing clothes.

Animacity is like a nude beach then

will this show end with them being in space like usual?