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It's almost the best time of the month Yas Forums

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Didn't tkmiz post an unknown character on his Twitter recently. Might be the other person from the hole digging club. The third year.

yes, book girl. I'm guessing tkmiz is going to flex more /lit/ references with this character

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After literally being in the background of the background for so long, she's finally here.

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Book girl, she's been in a lot of the prior art too. Plus tkmiz changed their display name to unicode fish.

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she cute

Sounds like something that could be done in ShimSim.

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Anyone know about what time of day we'll be able to read it?

Tkmiz mega, as always kept up to date with 𓆟 twitter art and with an ever growing collection of fanart etc. as well. :

I'm looking forward to this month's chapter, book-chan looks like she could be interesting. She certainly is very cute.
Also hopefully tako-chan's picture book's improved translation will get posted.

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I dunno how they do it but tkmiz's style is so comfy

Well if one good thing can come from my shitty sleep schedule I'll be able to pull an all-nighter for the chapter drop.

you are a gentleman and a scholar

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I love book-chan and tako-chan, but where's Tanuki???

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Tanuki-san seems like it might be an in-universe media franchise; Yoshiko seems to be a fan. It might even be the tv show that these three were talking about in the first chapter. The girl might be part of the media franchise, or might just be a fan of it. She could show up at some point.

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Obviously as an idol she's going to transfer into their class at some point.

Literally exactly what I was thinking, she might be an aidoru.

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It will probably be posted later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

found this in the mega, what is this referencing?

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Pretty sure it's referencing E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy

>You gainn Brouzouf
>My legs are OK

I think it might be


It absolutely is EYE

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olOne of the most surreal video games ever made

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>The player takes the role of an E.Y.E. member, a secretive and elite army of demon-fighting psi-cybernetic warrior-monks, the military wing of an ancient demon-fighting cult called the Secreta Secretorum that dates back before mankind colonized space.

thanks for the answers, I'll check it out later.

How are your legs?

It's a relatively mediocre Source shooter that is memed for it's awkward dialogue (because of the translation from French I think) and incredibly obtuse story

It's got absurd ability caps to the point where you can become extremely overpowered and your level stays when you go through another "loop" of the game since you need to play through the game multiple times to get the real ending. It's really fucking janky though. I wish they made a sequel that was a bit more polished.

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Shimeji is just working through her cycles of guilt. She killed Yocchan, but yet she is not her murderer.

Me and my wife Yuuri together.

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it's pretty tkmizcore if tkmiz was into mystical cyberpunk epics

Do you collect military uniforms, yuuanon?

Does this mean Shimeji Simulation is going to be a cyberpunk epic

we can only hope

I fixed up my translation from last thread
here's the text:
and here's the original dump of the story:

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