In the end, who really won?

In the end, who really won?

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the ones who didn't watch it


the ones who did watch it

the slut


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Anyone who's not dead

The friends we made along the way.


>Rem agrees to kill L whenever because it doesn't care, L is just another human
>instead of taking advantage of this Light decides in a fit of autism to set up an elaborate plan to kill both Rem and L instead
If he had simply kept his plan the same, but told Rem "when you are revealed to L you will kill him" then L would've died right there and the investigation would end right there because that's it, what are you gonna do about an immortal god of death? Nothing. But he fucked it up

"le first post best post xDD"
if you were expecting that response, you're wrong

he was a retard since the begin, he always fucked up.
No one.

Kira since he managed to become a god and a religious cult formed around him.


He hesitated on killing L because L made it known that if he were to die, Light would be Kira

not him

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You're not special you third rate EOP shitter

read the rest of my post, after they all touched the notebook and the squad members see Rem, Rem could just kill L right then and there and fly off with the notebook to return to Misa and the investigation would be over since you can't stop an incorporeal creature of another world
instead he set up an elaborate plan to get Rem killed which only screwed himself over in the end

>"killing bad people is bad!!"
This anime's morals were so shit, holy shit. Luckily nobody cares about Death Note in 2020.


>>"killing bad people is bad!!"
That's realistic in modern society.

If a real death note existed today would most people approve of Kira killing off all the pedo's in power?

lmao, GOT'EM

Get fucked kiddos

I hate this meme. If you think Light was ultimately a good agent in the world you have a fundamentaly flawed vision of justice and you are exactly the type of person that threatens civilization even though, and in large part because, you believe you are not and are righteous in your judgement.

He didn't want Misa to be more of a hindrance than she already is. Because Rem would kill him if he killed Misa down the line

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Reminder to read the new one-shot.

I bet it's terrible

It was pretty good but the ending is cheap as fuck

Cared enough to make a live action


Obviously Light. He should've won and it should have gone like this:
>Near exposes Light
>Light freaks out and gives his final speech
>Reveals that he was acting
>Everyone but Near drops dead (I don't know how Light would do this but Near won with an asspull so it's fair)
>Light says some menacing shit to near
>Kills him either by forcing him to write his own name or by just writing it down himself, very slowly
>Light becomes God of the New World

>Near won with an asspull
That's putting it very lightly