Anime when?

Anime when?

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can't work as an anime. also the age of zombies is over.
should have made an anime at the peak of Walking Dead.

Wasn't it already adapted into the live action by Kyoani?

Never, the characters are not cute enough

hopefully never


never considering the ending.

Never, zombies are old hat.

Based /k/omm/a/ndo! I don't think it'll get an adaptation since so many people hated the ending. Maybe if they changed the ending it could work.

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Did the live action go all the way to the ending?

I can only imagine how shitty it is with Japanese acting cliches.

never hopefully. such a shit ending.

I never trust idiots' judgement on Yas Forums to determine how a work is received in glorious nippon. Too often the takes are based on garbage translations maybe even derived from J>K>E or cultural ignorance. Yet I don't know what people's expectations were of 'the end;' it was fine enough for what the manga then was. It was the Kurusu plot development that was questionable.

Hopefully never, the whole thing shit itself and died halfway through.
The first volume was fucking fantastic, fantastic buildup, great payoff, then it got really obsessed with sex for whatever reason. And not to forget the god awful ending and Yabu's character literally being thrown in the trash at the precipice of interesting drama.
I can go on all day about this piece of shit, I fucking hate it.

Enjoy a piece of work, even with it's shortcomings. I'm sick of people like you who needlessly critique work that is just fine on its own, even with a rushed ending.

This isn't to say that things can't be shit. Because they can be.

It's really nice to be a fag that isn't overanalytical. The only anime/manga I've ever snubbed is Moribito.

>>Enjoy a piece of work, even with it's shortcomings
>Mindlessly consume product without using any critical thought
No wonder Yas Forums has gone to shit

How did it end?


Last chunk focused on a bunch of unrelated characters, Hiro spent the rest of his days talking to a wooden cutout and masturbating to the thoughts of the two chicks he traveled with while completely alone and abandoned, and the waifubait highschool girl that was revealed to be a virgin near the end literally only to have a scene where Hiro pops her cherry to appease purityfags got reincarnated on an island with all the unrelated charters.

After we find the king

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Hiromi get's assimilated into a giant amalgamation of zombies and convinces it to go inert or something. Hideo becomes a crazy hermit living in the ruins of Tokyo. The rest of the side characters fuck off to an island and most have kids with the chick in the group.

This, it was such an unsatisfying ending. Left a bad taste in my mouth.
Would have preferred to never have the timeskip chapter, and just left whereabouts unanswered.

>mindlessly consume a fictional story written by some lonely Japanese man/woman

You're fucking autistic if you think anything is wrong with mindlessly consuming fictional work from Japan of all places. I can say without a shred of a doubt you mindlessly consume porn, and that's something that's bad for you.

I feel it really hit the point of no return when he gave up the shotgun to the guy with the boat rather than the rifle.
Sure it makes more tactical sense but if he had the shotgun he would have been actually involved in the final conflict rather than just observing it from a building over.

>You fap so that means you can't critique fiction
Are you legitimately fucking retarded?
Are you implying Japanese fiction can't be nuanced and have substance to it? Christ, even anime has thought provoking subjects, like Madoka, Boogiepop, and Eva just to name three. The literary world was built off of critique and analysis, manga is in the same exact boat, it isn't free from criticism because it's Japanese or whatever the fuck dumb bullshit you are implying.

The whole manga went to shit after it was revealed he was some hivemind God, it was better when it was just implied he was a literal autistic NEET that people formed a cult around

not this user but mindlessly consuming any works is stupid and with that mindset you shouldn't even be on Yas Forums.

I'm not saying it's free from criticism at all, far from it. I'm speaking against NEEDLESS criticism. Criticism that Isn't at all helpful to anyone including the original creator.

I made myself out to be more autistic than I meant to be. But I've enjoyed everything you mentioned besides Madoka.

Yas Forums is built off of retards.

I mean I know what he was going for with the hive mind of autists essentially already being done.
But yeah it sucked.
If it had been "it's just a thing" everything you believed was stuff this retard got off the net it woulda been better.

Is there a reason for the shitty ending? Like the series got axed or something?

>the age of zombies is over
nah man, they might not be as popular as 6 years ago but there's always room for zombieshit

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>not this user
then who are you

Not that user, sparticus.

What the hell is "needless criticism"? How does it apply to what I said? If you are going to make up terms that fit your own personal definition, back it up.
Do you want me to just criticize what was written instead of what could have been written? Lost potential is absolutely something you can criticize especially when a series is obviously directionless. The ending was absolute shit even without bringing lost potential into account, it was anticlimactic and completely wasted a character that we followed for 20+ volumes. There were zero overarching themes throughout, which doesn't need to be a complete negative if it was something like a battle shonen, but it was a narrative driven manga that tried to be a character study but failed at actually developing any characters.

As long as they change the ending so the MC doesn't become a pedo and everything else that made it shit

the movie came out before the series ended by like 18 months didn't it? i think it just adapted a chunk of the series and called it a day

You're literally arguing with an autist who's mad that you're criticizing his favorite series. Just forget it.

Listen, man... Let's just drop it and say you were right. It's really hard to have a discussion when one of us suddenly goes full autism and writes a paragraph of disagreement. You actually gave me examples of criticism that weren't just you pissing out "It was shit. Oh man it was awful." Thank you for actually typing out something that makes sense.

He's right. I did really like it.

hopefully never, with how absolute shit it became

>Thank you for actually typing out something that makes sense.
Don't underestimate the autism of someone who has too much free time and fancies themselves an armchair critic.
It's nice to see someone take it like a man and not get into a retard slapfight of "ur gay, no ur gay faggot"