Chinatsu Yoshikawa is my favorite yuru!

Chinatsu Yoshikawa is my favorite yuru!

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Chinatsu makes me drool

She should be serving a prison sentence already

Akarin's gf is so cute

Chinatsu is vastly inferior to Toshinou Kyouko, the cutest YrYr!

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Chinatsu is for hot steamy sex preferably with her cute butt.

Chinatsu wets herself and you're only making that more acceptable if you make her your favorite yuru.


Imagine having anal sex with Chinatsu and she starts peeing all over the bed.

Thinking of this makes me so fucking hard, I would gladly drink her pee. i need a doujin like that.

She's the yuriest of the main yuru's, hence why I love her.

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Imagine china serving you tea mixed with her piss

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chinatsu is so cute!!!!

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Imagine feeling thirsty and just starting to suck on Chinatsu's pussy until she gives in and pisses herself for you.

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Out of the way fake lesbians, the true yuri's are here.

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Smells like piss

Thumbs up emoji

Still inferior to the yuru, Ayano


Just imagine how good her cute feet must smell!

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>Chinatsufags a pissfags

I don't know if I want to be part of this fanbase anymore

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Good doujin

Chinatsu is for cumming deep inside her ass while choking her then immediately getting the fuck out of there.

Chinatsu is the embodiment of everything wrong with the world, she is genuinely evil

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*pees on you*

Ah, refreshed.

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Chinatsu's warm pee!

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Akari doesn't seem pleased

I love you, China pee bros

To be honest, if she ordered me to be her toilet and receive her pee in my mouth, I'm not sure I'd refuse...