Agravity Boys Ch.18
Here's those girls you all wanted.

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>final pages
Finally a MOMMY

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What a handsome lad

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Best boy.

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Baba's anatomy in this panel is freaking me out.

>18 years old mommy
Holy shot.

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>It's a Geralt chapter
Nice. Even though i laughed at Baba's gag more

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Poor guy.

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Came for the gag, stayed for the feels.

>Not a song title
I give it 5 chapters before the axe.

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End of chapter.
Are we sure it's not a reference to some song but with the last word replaced with "Alesta"?

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so this is the authors TRUMP card?


>delicious brown
>mommy gf

Can't believe fucking Geralt is building a harem.

>saves the manga

My fucking dick.

Took him long enough to introduce a girl who looks like she could be a recurring character. That was about the one important thing to keep the series aboard.

>the only wa to save AB is to introduce a female
I hate it but i'll take it


He should have done that from the start.

Axe soon.

>doesn't want to see Geralt getting femdom'd by mommy.

With each passing week I believe it more and more.

I legit tought monica was going to be one of his prison inmate

How big are the boys' boners gonna be when they meet her?

I still have a small hope, but if it stays at the bottom of the ToC for the next 2-3 weeks and doesn't get a cp i'll have to give up

Geralt's boner will be ruined at the instant she tries to murder him or maybe not, he is the horniest after all.

He can always offer her some grass.

God I wish she would spank me

Inb4 this turn into a battle manga and we get Arsh vs her. I do wonder if the new boys have their own suits

I think it's gonna be fine for at least a dozen more chapters. Zipman's plot started moving at supersonic speeds WAY before it got axed, so the fact that new characters and plotlines are still being introduced and they still haven't even started work on the time machine is a good sign to me.

Sweet baby Jesus

I hope intergalactic laws allows for prison sentences to be replaced by direct disciplining by law enforcement officers.

>Monica goes after Geralt
>Arsh loses his shit and fights her
>as this happens, Monica shelters Chris because she thinks he's her friend
>Grislow goes apeshit over this and also joins the battle

Fuck off

Have to say i really like this guy's character designs both male and female. I'd fuck them all so far desu

There's a korean song called Farewell for Myself, so maybe. I don't see why he would stop with the titles just because the manga is ending.