Show your collection, faggots

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Based Pastafag


buyfags are the only proper fans

why was the glass door necessary ?

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Only because you asked nicely.

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to protect the best shit from dust desu

damn i wish they published the monogatari series here in pastaland, it looks like a nice edition too, they look like proper novels


>buying translated shit instead of Japanese originals
Do you even wanna support the creators?

I just bought the first volume of Summit of the Gods. Why is this dude's stuff so expensive?

I won't ever learn to read japanese so there's no point in buying things I can't read. Besides theres no way buying translated books doesn't support the creator.

Which are your favourite publishers?
Pastafags,frogfags and every other fags are allowed.

Mine are Vertical and Denpa. Seven seas could come close if they publish more quality stuff. Drawn and quarterly are a good contender as well.

You mean Taniguchi? how much did you pay for it

Jnovel club, they do quality books but just need more good series.

beck needs a full physical release in the us. fuck tokyopop

I believe summit has over 300 pages per volume but where are you purchasing them from? Here in India i use a service which imports most books and i got them for around 15 dollars each. That said ponent mon/fanfare are super small so it's kinda given. Again Summit is my all time favourite manga so i have no regrets.

Seriously tho del ray and Tokyopop going out of buisness was the most lethal hit. We could have got so much more classics but instead we have to make up with the newer stuff.

why dont other publishers just pick up those titles?

its around $90 for all 5 books

Probably because those titles killed tokyopop, still a couple series did get saved.
At this point the best bet would be if the new tokyopop decided to get back the more profitiable titles it lost. They'd know best what killed them.

70 or so stashed in some box in the basement I've been too lazy to put on shelves ever since I moved. Anime art books are a waste of money, not gonna lie.

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Classic titles doesn't seem to be doing well in NA. People there like to consume "What's Hot". Zack davission,one of most well recognised Translators claimed that seven seas classic Collections didn't sell well so they 'might' discontinue them.

First time ever I encounter someone in these threads whose taste is similar to mine
Ishinomori's Miyamoto Musashi is stellar

I won't post a pic, but here's what I have: Nobunaga no Chef, Otoyomegatari, Silver Spoon, Yotsuba, Hokuto no Ken, Slam Dunk, City Hunter, Angel Heart, Ranma 1/2, Dimension W, Vinland Saga, Plinius, Pumpkin Scissors, Planetes, Kenrantaru Grande Scene, Bastard, Chihayafuru, Emma, Barakamon, Witch Hat Atelier, Azumanga Daioh, Goblin Slayer, Thermae Romae, Team Medical Dragon, GTO, Prison School

They really do, I'm impressed

thats really a bummer. might have to pick up devilman classic before it goes OOP. its unfortunate that most of the US tastes dont go farther than whats popular at the moment. when did zack say that statement?

Anyone here tried buying off BOOTH with Rakuten Pay? Registered today but no way to check if it will work at all.

isle of dogs manga any good?

Kishimoto's masterpiece.

I bought the first volume used for like $13. New copies are like $18-$20 from what I can tell. I bought the Vagabond 3 in 1s that have twice as many pages for just a few dollars more than those.

Wandering Son isn't the best series but man that hardcover release is super nice. Fantagraphics published it.