Yuragi 204

Okay bad news and good news. Bad news is my ripper has ran into some problems. The good news is I have two weeks to figure out what the fuck went wrong. Hopefully this can be fixed so I can finish this chapter today. I'll make sure to give a link or dump it myself once I sort out this mess.

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Dont need to worry, in fact if you stop dumping this no one will complain.

It's ok, we can wait


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Not Yuragi related but since you've mentioned a ripper I've got a question or two. I understand it's a guy with an access to digital release who scans them, how is that different from raw providers? Where do the public ones comes from then? Or rather my question should be how is actually manga distributed these days - magazine, digital, or both, I guess it depends on a publisher but how does affect tl groups?

Ouch. Yeah, hopefully it won't be too difficult for you to fix. Good luck.

Post your cropped pics.

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Post Karuras pls

gladly axed soon

Since when did people start to use my transperent Yuuna edits?
Can't axe a ghost.

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Be happy, I made pic related and nowadays is frequently used.

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I'm not mad...just suprised.

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loser pic

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And later.

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its all a dream, she knows mc is never gonna chose her or a harem

Fucking why do all the god damn chicks in this piece cry when they kiss him?

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because they know who is the winner

Extract the ripper with Winrar or something, then open the folder, go to conf, open support.json with Notepad++, then in the "domainUrl" for jumpbookstore you just have to change the url to "domainUrl":"store.s-bookstore.jp"
Then save it and drag and drop the whole folder to the nw app
That's it, they only changed this url, it's a pretty easy fix

sakuhito lsut looks great

But Shakuhito as a slut is best girl

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get lost

but it's true

My shit its better than this tarsh lol

Loser comment.

You first.

Savour it then, bon appetit!

Coz you see, people have these so-called emotions. Ever heard?

Just be honest this is bullshit


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Yay I got some raws. I'll be back to TL it later. Someone can go ahead and dump.

I've got it.

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