You're reading this kino aren't you?

You're reading this kino aren't you?

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Call me when the spike hair fag fucked off.

Of course.

The art has significantly improved. Did Zipman's author became an assistant for it or something?

The pacing is too slow now
Just because it went popular the editor ask to slow the pace

I was about to say, why does this manga look good all of the sudden?

Maybe the author just puts more effort on action like chapters.

Got used to weekly workload and broke limit break

Yeah, we saw with that big contraption the headmaster summoned he can draw well, he just had to get better at drawing fast.

Anyone else actually enjoying this series so far?

OPM if OPM was unfunny : the manga

cream puffs

I like it but no really interested on latest chapters, I want the other characters back not these new ones.

Pick 1

>you think you're main character or something?
These kinds of lines already piss me off. The whole thing does really. Either they're said by people who obviously are the protagonist, to people who obviously aren't, or they give off that "you are the leading player of your own life" moral only to totally rescind that when the real hero of everyone's lives shows up

I'm not too bothered by the new characters assuming the bad guy isn't just some new face for Mash to beat in the samw chapter. Then again i guess we'll see, this is the first actual "arc" you could say of the series rather than "Mash overcomes magic with ridiculously stupid strength" flavour of the week.


finger bigger than my peepee


Does that mean editor-san thinks it's safe from getting axed now?

The rankings are very good if the sales of volume 1 end up decent it would be completely safe.

We're still in the setup phase for the story

What's the appeal of overpowered simpletons?

I am, and it's making me crave cream puffs.

>wasting 3 chapters on that spike hair faggot

When does the first volume come out?

I'm guessing next month

I don't see why people compare it to Black Clover when this is clearly a Harry Potter parody

Author worked as an assistant on BC.

Isn't that Guardian of the Witch author?

Both worked as assistants to Tabata.