Come to think of it Kyube is possibly the nicest Mephistopheles arctype

Come to think of it Kyube is possibly the nicest Mephistopheles arctype.
His wishes don't backfire and aren't monkey paws. He gives you what you want. Sometimes circumstances outside of his control end up being bad for the wisher but he doesn't maliciously curse the wish

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He's a trickster.

Kyubey on the front page!

Kyubey knows he doesn't have to do anything to make the wish backfire since they wishes of young girls backfire on their own.

Well it's beneficial to him that the magical girls spread the "Being a magical girl is pretty cool!" agenda as long as possible

Basically. And with emotion beating entropy or whatever, interfering is likely to diminish results.

>His wishes don't backfire and aren't monkey paws.
This is true technically but still end result is similar very often

>the nicest Mephistopheles arctype
The nicest Mephistopheles archetype is Mephistopheles himself. He gave Faust everything he wanted, no tricks, and he even warned him beforehand that exchanging his eternal soul for limited terrenal stuff was dumb, but Faust himself told him that seeing the Devil wasn't proof of God or Heaven's existence.

This, meanwhile Kyubey purposefully obscures information about the mechanics of magical girls like the soul being in the soul gem or girls becoming witches, and when it comes up he just says "you never asked."

>but Faust himself told him that seeing the Devil wasn't proof of God or Heaven's existence.
What a fucking dumbass. I'm a hardcore atheist, and even I would think twice if I encountered a demon willing to buy my soul. Hell, I would think twice if I encountered anything supernatural. Let alone a explicit christian demon.

May I suggest that if an encounter with the "supernatural" is all it takes for you to reconsider your relation to God, then you're currently using the wrong parameters in your search for the answer to the ultimate question.

I don't think he identified himself as the Christian Devil, but still I find funny how he told him that the deal was shit, specially since it's never addressed on Deal with the Devil stories. I know that the concept of Deal of the Devil it's mostly metaphorical of giving away your values or becoming a piece of shit for material gain or earthly desires, but when you frame it as eternal damnation in exchange of anything finite it sounds like a shitty deal.

>answer to the ultimate question
We already know the answer it’s 42

Are wishes that boost your fighting power as a magical girl the only ones that don't backfire directly on you?

He purposely lead kyouko into thinking she could save sayaka just so she would die and leave homura alone to fight walasdfasg. On top of that he knows for sure that wishs outside of nature would need to be corrected anyways. It doesnt look like a monkeys paw but it is for sure.

why are teenage girls so dumb


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> Soul is in the soul gem
> Obscure mechanics

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For the girls. I don't think they figured Soul Gem was as literal as it actually is.

Can I wish for Incubators to become Braindead with my wish?

You're brain doesn't stop growing until around 15 so immaturity.

Why? The complete absence of anything supernatural in this world is one of the main reasons why I think the human concept of god is ridiclous. If I got evidence to the contrary, I would at least reconsider my stance.

You're a magical girl, you already don't have much of a brain. Nobody intelligent or sane becomes a magical girl.

> He can't spot supernatural events

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"absence of the supernatural" is tautological nonsense, user. What would you consider "supernatural"?

>He assumes natural phenomenon easily explained by modern science are supernatural.
Weird that medieval peasants somehow stumbled across this site.

>natural phenomena
There is nothing natural about the shadow people that stalk me at night and watch me sleep

Creatures or phenomenon that openly defy the laws of physics as we know them. Mind you, there is still the possibility that we simply don't understand the science behind what we perceive to be supernatural. But it would still be something.

I'm pretty sure that's just your mother checking up on you.

I live alone

> Sees less than 0.000000000000000000001% of the observable universe
> Is an absolute expert on all events and possibilities at all places and points in time

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