Jujutsu Kaisen Ch.104

The Shibuya Incident, Part 22

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It's amusing to see that while Choso is pretty competent he can still be baited with the right bait.

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Another Coinmaru destroyed. He only has one or two left right?

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Love this page. The hands coming from out of panel are such a nice touch

It really is a cool POV panel

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>conserving energy
You just know he's going to tell Miwa he loves her and rip our collective heart out.

Just one. I think there's 3 real possibilities on what he's doing with it. He's either
>going to kyoto, telling them to go to shibuya (most likely)
>still in shibuya, telling others information from the scene (likely)
>going to africa, telling okkotsu to get the fuck back home (super unlikely)

>two guys battle damaged and dripping wet in a bathroom
I wonder how fujos feel about this page

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This is just making me even more depressed that we’re not likely to get a studio that will bring these fights alive the way they should be.

I'll just pretend it's Gojou narrating since he's bored inside his cube.

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I love this spread, classic kungfu movies.

Mappa Kaisen won't be too bad.

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God fucking damn, I am so erect like you wouldn't believe. This sequence makes my dick rip straight through my pants every single time without fail. (even if mangaplus fucks up the spread)

He's co-casting with Sukuna

Yeah I agree they’re decent, I just feel like it deserves even better. Especially since a huge pro about JJK is the fights itself

Dump complete. Yuji isn't looking so hot right now. Honestly, I wasn't expecting a fight with Choso to be as good as it is right now.

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The MC who dies in 100 chapters.


>gets bodied
Ohnononono Yujibros...

Same I was expecting it to be a quick side fight but it’s really good so far. I went from not taking Choso seriously to actually really liking him as an antagonist. I hope it gets concluded well.

Every thread until Gojou gets unsealed

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I didn't think about that but actually, the people of Kyoto coming to aid makes a lot of sense
If that's the case, i bet it will be some type of "arriving at the last second when everything seems lost" aid

the different marks have diferrence effects or is just for design (and choso is making new names just to do)

Pretty sure it means he's doping. Kamo got some new marks when he started, although his was around his eye.

So who is bailing Yuji out in the next chapter or two?
>A. Sukuna
>B. Nanami
>C. Megumi
>D. Jogo
>E. Yuji wins, but left in the bathroom bleeding out and covered in toliet water

seems that the way to make the readers like a "newly" introduced antagonist is just to make his "first" official fight super sick

Thanks for the dump.
>Sukuna: ...blood imbued
>Gojou: ...and compressed to its very limit
>Sukuna: ...would pierce
>Gojou: ...Itadori's liver.
>Sukuna & Gojou: ..............
>Sukuna & Gojou: Ahhahaahahaha
>Gojou. ...OH shit.

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