Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is ending with it's next chapter

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lmao@ faggots who said it wasn't ending because muh blue spider lily

finally the fucking shamelss cashgrab is over

>shamelss cashgrab
This proves it kinda isn't, unless we're about to get 3475634 spinoffs.

This proves it kinda isn't

yes it was with the bullshit muzanjirou shit

>3 chapters
wouldn't even change volume count, retard

Tanjirou x Nezuko

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Good, the ending was already dragged out too much and there is multiple axebait I want to live longer.

>finishes with one of the most boring and cliche endings ever
glad its over now
im sick of seeing this overrated trash everywhere

This just says "climax" next chapter btw, not ending. Just saying.

>Shameless cashgrab
>Ending while its still popular and before the movie is even out instead of tacking on a bunch of extra arcs to drag it out.

Pick one.

>Literally 2 chapters
>Ending the arc on high note
I swear, it's either "rushed" or "cashgrab" with ya.
Get better buzzword would you.

Wait what?

So, what about the upcoming popularity poll?

It's not specially good but very enjoyable if you turn your brain off

>high note
is this what nu-Yas Forums thinks is good now?

Respect for not prolonging it. Still never gonna read it though

Climax next chapter, you poor bastards you try anything at this point, I hope it keeps going just out of spite.

I don't give a shit about this series but holy fuck this author has some balls sticking to her original plan instead of going full Toriyama and milking it for 20 years.

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All of Japan on suicide watch

hope its threads disappear with it

are you serious? its so obvious its having a sequel

this is a joke to fool eop, right

What makes you so sure about that?

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I just realized, Zenitsu has never had a solo focus on one of the volume covers and assuming we get 1 maybe 2 left, what are the chances he'll finally get one

>swords do elemental stuff, but have no effects such as splashing water, actual lightning or flames burning things
>"Its breathing BRO"
literally, wat?


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Fantastic riddance.

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He is the same dekufags spamming in every kny thread
He is delusional enough to think that even if kimetsu end people will go buy mha

How much meltdown will the herofag have if KnY still outsells Mha and One Piece after it ended?