Undead Unluck

We are in the "wicked sick" climax of this arc

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What a cute cover. I miss her long hair

The Phase 2 mechanic looks interesting and should have a lot more applications in the future


Me too

Look at all that exposed skin. Sure would be a problem if I came up and kissed every inch of it. I better not~

someone dump

That's SICK



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>Not even letting them cop a feel as they run toward their final death
Come on now, have a little courtesy.

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whoever at Viz decided on this catchphrase needs to be killed.

Undead Unluck? More like Flopdead Axedluck!

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>energy beam

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>Spoil has the same headpiece as the Statue of Liberty
What did he mean by this?

any theory on the world of UU? everything is similar to earth except
1/ there are no stars on the sky
2/ some sort of video game quests imposed on reality
3/ UMA galaxy is a thing, what is it?

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This shit is way better than anything Hori has done.

This is the true MHA Killer.

decadence and consumerism of america

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And he also shot right at it for no reason.

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I thought that was the other guy's power, making shit miss the target.

>Sends zombie to walk hundreds of miles miles
>Destroys it's most important landmark
Dude just hates New York.

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No seriously, is there a spread in every chapter so far or what?

I'm more interested in what the Apocalypse book has to do with Spoil personally. How many Rules entities have gotten pissed off by that killjoy of knowledge?

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So when was this guy born anyway ? He talks as if the concept of spoiling did not exist before him. But all characters are evidently familiar with the concept otherwise they wouldn't even have a word for it. Is he just several hundreds years old (at least) and he just decided to make his move now ? Or did he rewrite the entire universe by existing ?


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Sun Wukong?

Hey Shen, don't steal the series catchphrase! But he looks so happy to beat the shit outta that Spoil guy, I'll let it slide this time. Sucks we gotta wait two whole weeks till the next chapter though.....

It seems likely that rules changes mess with people's memories at least.