Is this already ded?

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>previus threads

First chapter story:

Character sheets:

World builiding:
Purgers design and organization:
Manga sketches:
Other Images:

Main doc:

Open Milestones:
O Writing down about 3 possible versions of the first chapter
O Let the everyone vote about it in the strawpoll
O Cleaning up the main doc and removing/archiving unnecessary images.

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Hello everyone. Has there been much work done earlier today?

hi, some art and pages were done yeah

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Someone erased most of the docs, stuff have to be salvaged from the previous thread

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Drawfag here
>what pages need storyboarding?
>what pages are laid out?
>what pages are being completed?
>have we settled on designs yet?
I really like the idea an user posted of a mechanical goat legged leg guy
I'm really bad in general but I'll try to lay out pages and storyboarding for better anons to make my dopey designs look good

Logo from previous thread

was kind of excited to see this thread today

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there was some art submitted from previous thread, and a lot of ideas were passed around when editors went to bed last night.

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Just a reminder that editors archive work from here and if non is present this may easly turn into chaos

Btw wtf happend to google docs and why all of them are blank

upgraded panal for first page

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I also made this drawing for purger types and ranks based on other anons ideas

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no, it's viral

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I really like this outfit. We should ditch the school uniform in favor of it.

did someone really sabotage the google docs? seriously lame and goes to show how far edgelords will go to make sure no one else has any fun.

my jimmies have been rustled

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Wasnt it aproved canon and what happend to google docs?

>all of them
On my end the Legs one is still intact. Hopefully someone saved them locally so thereĀ“s no need to fish trough the archives

Is there some backup of the docs?

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google docs has a history feature

The legs one is still intact because the legs one isn't publicly shared. Good that this happened earlier instead of late.

I haven't been on since yesterday, but it seems like someone just wiped it clean. We'll try to make archival versions next time.

>Page 1 is mostly done, but may need some extra work in some spots
>Page 2-4 have sketches, and I think someone started a new page 4 last night
>Page 5 is and may need some fixing up
>I don't think any work has been done on 6
>7 and 9 are done or in progress
>no works been done on 10
I THINK that's all right.

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will page 8 be a running gag?

To give some extra information:
>page 1 , the artist who drew it suggested redrawing Heli-chan in the last panel and maybe replacing the first two panels with some creep shots of doctors or something
>the page 2-3 spread hasn't been reposted in the thread yet, I'll dig it up in a bit
>the new page 4 is
>Page 5
>Page 7
>Page 9 >202181978 (page 8 doesn't exist due to a typo)

For page 1 the middle panel have been remade and needs to be integrated into it.

Here's the page 2-3 layout.

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Good riddance. I haven't read these threads at all because it smells like Reddit cringe to me.

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Hello election tourist

It was good when it was just MSPaint entries straight from random anons.

>number of posters in the thread don't increase after the last post
>only one person in the thread is bitching
You're samefagging pretty transparently.

just rolled back old versions of all google docs and where are ediors?