Marvelous Vessel

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Excellent ship.

Fantastic ferry.

Fabulous flotation device


Superior Ship

Hella-cool Hydrogen Dioxide Hull

Sasuga, Bōto-san!

Wonderous watercraft

Bice Noat

Commendable Carrack

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Glorious galley

Fine Frigate

Charming Cruiser.

Can we settle the winner on trips?

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Dear mother, today, my dubs have started the motion.

Beautiful brig.

Gratifying barque.

Yummy Yacht

Satisfactory Schooner.

Extraordinary craft

Marvelous Destroyer

Lovely LHA

Celebrated Caravel

Extravagant Sailing machine

Dazzling Dinghy

Grandiose galleon.

Wonderful Whaler

Beautiful Water house

Lordly Longship

Noteworthy Sea-going Vessel