Due to Covid19 literally killing the rest of the competition

Due to Covid19 literally killing the rest of the competition.
Jashin Chan is officially AOTS!

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It really makes you think, doesn't it?


Zazas Zazas

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It would have still been AOTS even if there was no COVID-19.

>Due to Covid19 literally killing the rest of the competition.
>implying it wouldn't have been anyway

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Tower of God is AOTS period


Gook shit is blasphemy.

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Per-chan is pretty cute

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Are all angels girls?

It would be one of the better anime this season anyway.

I want to be captured

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Tower of god

Is not like the show needed that to be the AOTC.
How is the show so well crafted? Is there actual talent working on it? Is pure luck? The author is a genius? HOW.

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Dumb snek.
Episode 4 tomorrow.

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I want her to look at me like this.

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It just works.

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Corona-chan got glorious leader. ToG is next.

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Jinbocho Elegy is easily the anime song of the (past) decade

>tfw those weren't regular pies

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jashin is just great in general

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