Mitama Security - code 34

incredible chapter this week

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I think this is technically NTR

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>multiple storytimes
>Sunday Jumpshit
I have too much to read today.

and the last page. Is this the beginning of our axe-mandated serious arc, or are we being fucked with again? There's another double issue so it's going to take 2 fucking weeks to find out

the mega for anyone catching up:!iQchVCLK!k1d2e9jndUtzowzxkopZxg

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Thanks user. Her competitive streak runs in the family.
Pretty standard shonen development but it's good that he's setting it all up now.

This had me cracking up.

>wow Rena finally got a gal pal her age to hang out it
This was when I knew this was gonna be a great chapter.

it's one of the funniest chapters that's come out so far. I was laughing my ass off at just about every page

>Plot progression

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>That chopstick holder

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holy crap I didn't even notice that

>I swear I'm not ripping of Samon-kun

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But user, he's gonna wrap up all those pesky loose ends before the series wraps up. Isn't that great?
I heard Kimetsu is ending for real so we'll get one more volume of content at least.

>Mitama goes for plot progression
>AB on the other hand stopped using song-related titles
Okay, which one is getting the axe first?

Thats was a really good chapter. Thanks for dumping.

KnY is kill so both of them are living for at least a little bit longer


But she was right, technically. Yuka is about her age when she died

I don't see the problem with this. Mitama has to be the mok so Renamama can be the ever absent but doting money sink father

Girl Mitama is cute!


>no huge ahoge
0/10 would not friend

Any bets to who's he's gonna end up being?
Secureity High Commander, one of the Big Four, or deceased?

Deceased or Mia, gotta be.

Nice catch!

he's definitely either dead or pretending to be dead, the mom talks about him in the past tense

Probably deceased also known as Zobiro