Dr. Stone Z=148: Pioneers of Earth

The long-awaited Hambaga time. Let's go.

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Those statues have so stereotypical american faces, is hilarious.

Told you it wasn't real

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Gators' gotten big.

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Kirisame craves animal protein

Finally, someone lampshade it.

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Yo is just there so everyone upholds animal rights

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Clearly overkill

And last page. Due to next week being Golden Week, the next chapter is scheduled for May 10th, two weeks from today.

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>Ginro makes the cut but not Magma

This is an asspull but whatever, they had to find the corn one way or another

So if they split into 2 teams, Taiju is leading his own team. That's nice, good for him.

Uh, alligator's stomach is way too small.

They need a lot more of it. This was just a nod they're on the right track.

Gator meat is so good


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Thanks for dumping

And apparently no Kinrou either.

>at least once every chapter

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>Senku is going to revive all the niggers
What did they mean by this?

I've been finding way more fanart lately. Hopefully this is a sign popularity is increasing.

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Kinrou and Magma and Nikki must be with Taiju and the other tea.

don't think so


>a man and his pet gorilla

Why is ginro in this shot but not kinro

There were like 6 aligators

More Rei Fanart too?

And three escaped.

Didn't the American corn was unable to survive without humans or something?

>dark magician gorilla

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I think something's up. Why would a alligator swallow an ear of corn?