Cars in anime

Your favourite vehicles in anime?
For me, it's Misato's Renault Alpine A310

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The AE86 Trueno is a classic

You're not wrong, and it's a beautiful car, but it is babby's first anime car
Feel like it doesn't count at this point

The 240Z is so goddamn sexy.

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City Hunter's white BMW 6 series.

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Balance Unlimited scratched my /o/tism but that's it desu.

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What's so great about the Cresta? He should've bought a Benz so he can pick up his... daughter.

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The Cobra from Gunsmith Cats and the City (march?) Superturbo from You're Under Arrest! are my two favorites.

Also, did you know this Alpine is an electric drivetrain swap? That's why there's this shot of the batteries in the back when they're driving after the N2 mine.

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Caterham 7 to ride around in.

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I hope someone picks up this manga again. So many iconic supercars.

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Mazda RX-7 looks amazing but it needs constant care to not break down.
But Nakazato's Nissan Skyline GT-R looks top notch

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For me it’s Rally’s Mustang

Sadamoto's got patrician taste on those Alfas

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i'm dumb lmao

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fucking rakugo with the century

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still would, FDs look so timeless. Also would this fat pig

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I know what you mean user. That Shelby is what to mind as well.

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Look at the coloring in this image.
So good

THE A E 8 6

I want to see a 33 Stradale in a manga or anime at some point.

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keisuke's rx-7 is pure fucking sex

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yandere mr2!

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