New chapter is out, dumping.

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Ah fuck, looking at this image fucking hurts the creativity in my brain.

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Thanks as always.

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Damn Yonagi you're just gonna say what you want huh?

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>even the title font became cute

>why didn't they make it tastier

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The kids were wrong. Yonagi is scary even if she's an actress.

>please explain why this water is tasty
>No Yonagi, you need to do your job as you're told not as YOU want it
>b-but I want to know!
>ok everyone call the developer at once
Arisa isn't doing a good job at this

That's it for this chapter. Like what said, hopefully you're all doing fine and if you're an essential worker you have my respects. Thread theme: and MEGA link for catching up:!CvYyCIDK!YU6tJal4enX7uq6dRg2iLQ

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is this yuri


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Should have told Yonagi to act as an actor who likes the taste of water.

Thanks for the dump.

Why is that blond guy so buff now? Is it the sweater or what.

For a breather arc, this is such a fascinating look on what actors do when doing a short-term project like a commercial. Actors really are a product.

>Arisa is trying to be a better mother
>not to her own son though
Based Arisa only giving love and care to those who deserve them

>Huh? Why are you laughing?

This is more concern than she ever gave to her own flesh and blood
>imb4 "of course, because yonagi's worth the investment and akira isn't"
We all know that already, but you'd expect her to be a parent at some point in her life

I guess she did care, in an aloof salaryman kind of way

I admit, I laughed. Hope nobody makes edits of that bottom panel though

She was an actor of the same breed as Yonagi once. It can't be helped.

>but you'd expect her to be a parent at some point in her life
She was a parent to Akira, just an awful one, since she acted more as an agent than a mother and now is too late to fix their relationship. Kei really needs guidance now, so she is her chance to redeem herself.
Reminds me of Shifu, Tai Lung and Po, only with less murder and more acting autism