How come you there aren't any manga that involve the Imperial Family?

How come you there aren't any manga that involve the Imperial Family?

Not even as main characters its like they don't even exist in most manga settings. You see politicians depicted all the time.

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Because rules, motherfucker.

Because the House of Yamato, is sacred and will forever be the core pillar of the Japanese people. Even Japan's largest far left political party, vowed to not interfere with the Imperial family if elected.

>Even Japan's largest far left political party, vowed to not interfere with the Imperial family if elected.
The communist party attempted to kill emperor Meiji in 1910 and there was a lot of security during the crowning of emperor Naruhito just in case a commie got any ideas

Its a very sensitive subject, and anything touching it could be considered a political stance
The first edition of Muv-Luv mentioned one of the heroines being related to the Emperor but even that was retconned to the Shogun because it could be interpreted as saying women should be able to inherit

There isn't any written rule, according to the constitution of 1946 the emperor is just another Japanese citizen, but nips are specialized in finding loopholes for going on as usual. It doesn't help most otakus are hardcore nationalists

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The only anime I saw the Imperial family being mentioned was Ghost Slayers Ayashi but even them was some off shoot northern branch

Why is that the bong make countless series about their royal family while other country with royal family don't ?

Because the bongs killed their king 150 years before the frogs

Because Europe has a centuries long tradition of making their royals mundane.
Japan has a tradition that is thousands of years old of having the emperor in the background, sanctifying the state.
Their new constitution is 75 years old and it was forced upon them by armed invaders.

The Tale of Bamboo Cutter anime has a Imperial Prince appearing for a short scene where he tries to seduce Kaguya.

I don't know if you're aware but 1910 was 110 years

Unrelated question but do members of the imperial family not have family names? It seems like they all only have a given name.

I don't know if you're aware but the Imperial Household is still scared, specially now because there aren't many Yamatos left. Prince Hisahito is Japan's greatest theasure and arguably a commie got arrested for putting knives on his desk.

House of Yamato, what a joke. With bullshit rules like women not being able to inherit, the royal "family" is a random institution at this point, it means nothing, the original line was broken centuries ago by the time of the genpei wars.

Besides, what could be sacred in a nation of pseudotheists?

Isn’t Yamato or something like it?

Remember, remember, the fifth of November, Gunpowder Treason and Plot

Not really. If you're designing like a historical video game and you need to give a Japanese emperor a last name that's what you go with but they don't have one they would ever use or anything

All monarchies use god(s) as the reason why they get to be the boss and not some other family

Of the most recent manga/anime it’s implied that Muzan and Ubuyashiki family from Kimetsu are descendants from Heian period aristocrats who probably close to the imperial family.

Supposedly GATE is one of the very few if not the only anime and LN that addresses the imperial family

Queen Elizabeth is the Head of Church of England

>Japan and UK both have Royal families
>US has a President who wants to be a Royal
>All three of them are chock full of either retards, asexuals or both

Makes you think. Religion and Tradition keeping people repressed, one generation at a time.

It would be nice to have an anime/manga with a character that's part of the imperial family but considering how needlessly religious japs are that's probably never gonna happen.

A volume of Phoenix is a retelling of the Tale of Heike, you have like 3 emperors and their families fighting there.

Why didn't he go for buckingham?

and yet, warlords had to problem turning them into puppet rulers for hundreds of years

There's a difference between being connected to a clan that traces its descent to an imperial prince and anything close to a reigning emperor or his line

Families being close to some associates of the imperial family has never been an issue, but you will never see the imperial family itself or first degree relatives being portrayed anywhere.

it's weird how they aren't that religious for any god or faith but they get so serious about figureheads

>how needlessly religious
They are the most lax religious people on the planet, tradition is above anything, religion for them is nothing but the result of tradition.

You're talking about depicting the current family? I don't see in what way they could be brought up when we don't even know what they do.