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new Jump series, the power of boners is stronger

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It's twilight fucking sparkle jesus christ fuck. This better not be a recurring character or the shit posting will be never ending.

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she looks better than the white-hair in OP's picture at least

it's fine i guess. too derivative to last long I would suspect

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>yet another yozakura axebait
thank you.

>recurring gag that mc is a pervert
please don't let this happen istg

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Dead within 10 chapters.

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I'm a little unclear on if the twilight hair chick is Rino, the hairstyle seems different but it seems like an unusual hair color for somebody you are only going to draw once.

Anyway manga seems interesting, look forward to seeing where it goes, hopefully it won't get bogged down in too much Japanese humor.

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Who knows?
No one expected ghostits to have more than 20 chapters and no it has 200, everything is possible.That said, this first chapter wasnt neither good or bad

I just checked and it turns out I am retarded, twilight's hair is 3 tone, this chicks 2 tone hair is probably inspired by panty.

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If Hell Warden Higuma couldn't make it, this won't either.

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Jesus Christ its like a parade of every unoriginal shounen cliche in one chapter.

kinda cute
also i think this is the first time we've seen anime Denny's

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Holy fuck
How could you think starting with a page like this is okay? Its like this was serialized intentionally to be axed.

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Jump is desperate, they one once one piece is over they're gonna be really fucked.All the Jump classic already ended an One Piece is the last one