Bakaguya or Bakasera?

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First for Shinomiya family

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Sasuga Unyo Onii-sama

Literally the only relatable character in this shit manga.

Is 19 his age or something?
Nigga looks like a 50 yo yakuza.

>Irrelevant spinoffs of the Shinomiya family have a net worth of $1 trillion USD
What's even the point of even having politicians anymore?

yeah, Kaguya will looks like that when she turn 19

Pic made him look older than depicted in the manga. He's as old as Hayasaka's mom and Gan'an is an old dude. So, probably, in his 40's.

Can you imagine Unyo doing autistic tsundere shit like Kaguya did over his first crush back in high school?

He is playboy bro, no need to do autistic things like Kaguya

She already does
Prez is just a male gold-digger trying to land that rich divorce in 5 years so he can marry Hayasaka as a rich man

I will mailbomb Aka if the hack isn't going to give me the ending I want.

That's just coping after he closed his heart, user

Redemption arc when?

good thing Aka went out of his way to make this impossible

He already redeemed himself and saved this shitty arc

How did Iino know the name of that male porn star?

>My Employee's Sweet Fingertips
I don't think she noticed the actor's name.


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I think that says "continued in the 19th volume"
Are there 18 volumes out? Christ

Am I the only one who hate how Aka tried to redeem him at last minute?
>I thought you are scum just like me...
So forced and cringe

Yes, it's only you!

A character who's evil because he's evil is even more cringe.

I think Aka realized himself how terrible this arc was, So he tried to force it to finish quicker.

He's still scum though. Making him more understandable won't change that.

The entire arc was so forced and cringe

>Kashigawi propositions Hayasaka and then internally debates whether she should go ahead and make out with ?ino
Threesome end with Maki and Tsubasa?

The real scum is that traitor Hayamom

It will end with stabbing.

It's time to stop posting, lizardman.