Absolutely disgusting, Love Live. I thought the series had dignity

Absolutely disgusting, Love Live. I thought the series had dignity.

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I doesn't,but neither does LL or idol franchises in general.At least LL canonically lewds lolis,just look at Risa or Kurumi.

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Love Live! never had that.

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perfectly shaped to bury your face in

>I thought the series had dignity.
Series literally made ripoff group to continue milking off retards. Series lost dignity after Final Live.

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You is a cuck.

>Love Live Thread
Not again.

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What's disgusting about a sexy girl, you fucking homosexual? Your kind should be burned to death.
I don't even like idolshit.

I'd dignify her feet with my semen.

Chika is better

i like this new girl

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for me it's the alp girl

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why are you gay?
what drives someone like OP to suck dicks?

>JAV Live

This isn't hag thread.

The anime completely ruined her.

Fuck off and kill yourself, she did nothing wrong.

Selling your naked asshole for money is wrong.

There is nothing wrong with that. I will always be her fan.

I will always pick lewd over shitposting.

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99% Similarity? I don’t care, I will always stand with EMTN.

So sorry the OrcTaku came to this thread. Fear not, they will be removed.

So you know the fact.

I love Dia, but goddammit You is made for sex. She would ruin my marriage.
Such squeechy feet and big hips

Again, lewd over shitposting.

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Try this.

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this, fucking based
cringe and cuck whorefag

The fact is this.

Real Fans do not care, Real Fans stand by her, Reals Fans will always support her.

I saw and I know ho the Real Fans are. They were there with me at Love Live Fes in welcoming her back.

If you are not with Emitsun you can fuck off. Fuck off and leave Love Live to the real fans.