What the actual fuck Shinji?

What the actual fuck Shinji?

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Asuka would have put out if Shinji wasn't such a spineless faggot.

Should have fucked her unconscious body

Who can blame him? She was practically begging for it.


As if you never masturbated in strange and unusual places.

I rubbed my dick on my cousins ass while she was sleeping


what are you smoking?

Also if this happens in rebuild it would be twice the fun.

Like you're any different.

>What the actual fuck Asuka?

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Shinji as a character is a slave.
He does whatever is asked of him, without question. He's driven by instinct and orders, and nothing else. When he's scared he cries, when his father orders him to pilot an Eva he does.
Shinji sees a naked girl, and his immediate reaction is pic related. That is what this shows, that Shinji is nothing but a slave.

Another evafag that seeks to dive deeper into shallow water.



No you idiot. It symbolizes how we as viewers sexualize and objectify female characters. Shinji is a representation of the viewer, that's also why it is in first person, to drive the point home. Then Shinji says "This is so fucked up", conveying the director's (and society's at large) view that what otaku do to anime girls is repugnant.

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same except she wasnt asleep



if anno actually cared he wouldnt be parading them in skin tight suits that emphasize their curves. asuka's plugsuit deliberately accentuates her breasts



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nigga all he wanted was to bust a nut

It took me YEARS to realize that you can see asuka nipple behind the hand.

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This is literally not a big deal. Moralfag prudes need to fuck off.

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Office bathroom is not that unusual I feel like.

As expected of Master Anno, he loves girls.