Are we getting a Guts and Skull Knight road trip book now? Because I would love that...

Are we getting a Guts and Skull Knight road trip book now? Because I would love that. I don't see why Guts can't just leave the party on Elfheim while they train and he goes off on some quest with Skull Knight

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Only if their "quest" is to immediately go gut that faggot griffith in a single chapter so this manga can fucking end already.

Casca is healed. The only goal left is to kill Griffith

Am I tripping or did the last chapter end with skullmask showing up as well?

God Hand and new Band of Hawk?

I would be completely fine with Miura ending everything at chapter 400. A good number to end the series on. He could easily wrap up just about everything in the remaining 39 chapters especially if he extends some possible chapters to 100 or so pages

Okay, serious talk. Is skull knight saying this is his end of journey as struggler? Are gonna get a flashback of SK's past now? Will he make guts a being like him? The guy can literally go anywhere.

Guts doesn’t seem to have that burning hate in him anymore, he is legit tired of living to me. Only thing that would fuel the spark to face GRIFFISSSS would be murder of his JRPG party or Casca.

Skull Knight origin seems really apt right now I think we're getting a long flashback about his origins next chapter

we're back to gore i that happens, conquering and plundering, there would be more human cruelty in it than monster stuff

>Golden Age tier flashback arc about Skull Knight and Void

Not sure how to feel about this.

Would be great if not for the constant hiatus.

I'd love every minute of it, just because it'd be getting back to the actual dark part of the dark fantasy story. On the other hand, I'd be pissed that Miura is drawing more stuff that's not ending the story.

Hasnt it been for Miura's pace of putting out chapters I would love to have it right now.
Then again, I dont want the final product to feel rushed either.

Sounds, dare I say it, kino. Also I'm still praying for a Zodd heel face turn

no ur right

Thank you.

Maybe I might be misremembering things but didn't they say Elfheim's time works completely differently compared to time outside or does it only apply to faeries like Puck? It could be Miura's Hyperbolic Time Chamber rather than just doing a timeskip in the traditional sense

So it's likely Rickert will age, are we going to end up seeing an older Griffith too? Will the Moonlight Boy be aged up?

>a 100 or so pages
So did you want this manga to be finished within the next two decades or not?

Griffith is immortal so I doubt he'd age. Remember how much his youthful looks played a huge role in people rallying around him

What are the chances Rickert builds a nuke or some sort of doomsday weapon that will put the Little Boy bomb to shame? I'd love to see that happen actually.


So I dropped this a while back a bit after guts got the berserker armor
I really like this series and I want to read more but I feel like it's been set up for failure for too long and no matter what, I can't see there being a satisfying conclusion in sight.

Also side note the very beginning of the first Berserk opening with the flames erupting inside guts is the best opening shot in anime history

Seriousky, fuck the "comic relief" party. Give me Guts and Skull Knight adventures.

>the final product
I fucking hope we ever get there.

Remember when Berserk was in the top ten of literally every fucking manga site in existence and we had a new chapter every two months?





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So skull Knight is the resurrected supreme king gaiseric right?

Crackpot theory: Guts is somehow related to King Gaiseric and this is why Skull Knight has been tailing him this entire time, Guts is the last member of the line of Gaiseric and for some reason only his line can use the Berserker armour

the way i see it happens is
>schierke gets to talk to flora again
>guts talks to SK at the same time
>they both retell the past to each of them

Super crackpot theory: At the end of the new chapter it was stated that it's the end meaning Guts will retire with Casca and live happily apart while Griffith owns the world. THE END

> Guts is somehow related to King Gaiseric
that would be fucking lame, or at least it would be unnecessary, clearly Guts is already destined to fill the role of "struggler" defying casuality.