Kengan Omega

How strong was he?

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Fang level

Gaolang level

cohma level

Raian level

My guess is near Gensai tier
Atleast Joji tier

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Chiba level

About as strong as your mums cunt, he can take a pounding and yet he will still come on top

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Probably as strong as Nezu, the art of fighting has evolved ever since

A bit below Koga the omega.

This is the exact kind of compliment Raian would give someone.

Weaker than Agito, as he was the strongest ever Fang. Hard to say otherwise.

If Toyoda loses, who will be his main fighter in KA?

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I'm getting tired of waiting for best boy to show up.

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Believe in the Kog
I know i do

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believe in the Koga that believes in you

I want to know who beat him.
Probably Gensai's master or something.

Just reread KA
Why does every jobber is so cool? Even medecine man was cool
Sekibayashi>Marvelous Sekibayashi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the rest>trash

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Read Omega
it has the most based Jobber MC in existence

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I did read it
Wish ohma didnt came back but oh well
I wonder what sandvich has in store

Hey kid you want some power?

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y-you have some?

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Fuck you nigga

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This strong

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