One Piece

Rate arcs from best to worst

pre TS arcs
>Romance Dawn Arc
Syrup Village Arc
>Baratie Arc
>Arlong Park Arc
>Reverse MT arc
>Little Garden Arc
>Drum Island Arc
>Arabasta Arc
>Jaya Arc
>Skypeia Arc
>Water 7/Enies Lobby Arc/ post EL Arc
>Sabaody Archipelago Arc
>Amazon Lily Arc
>Impel Down Arc
>Marineford Arc

post TS arcs
>Sabaody Arc
>Fishman Island Arc
>Punk Hazard Arc
>Dressrosa Arc
>Zour Arc
>WCI Arc
>Reverie Arc
>Wano Arc

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Shanks is the WG's bitch and mole among the Yonkou

Best: Dressrosa
Worst: whatever it was with Enel, after seeing him job in a youtube clip I couldn't care less about his arc

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Come out of your ship Pirate King! I'm going to beat you and take One Pie...

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No, can we talk about the chapter instead?
What Ancient Zoan do you most want to see?
For me it's this guy, he has a lot going on for him and it should make an interesting design.

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I, Lolonoa Zolo, kneel before Straw Hat Carrot.

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who will be the first character to die in the war?

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I hate Kikufags

Which, Ulti could potentially fit...

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pre ts
>Water 7/ EL
>Impel Down
>Drum Island
>Reverse Mountain
>Arlong Park
>Amazon Lily
>Little Garden
>Romance Dawn
>Syrup village

post TS
>Punk Hazard
>Fishman Island

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Kikufag* there's only one spastic loser

but what is your opinion on Kiku

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Hyogoro of the Flower

Page 1? More like FAGGET

>What Ancient Zoan do you most want to see?

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Best: Wano so far
Worst: Amazon Lily
Don't care to rank it's all good

He's boring. Don't have any strong opinions about him.

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did the info that Robin gather help at all?

I just want to lick Robin's sweat, is that so much to ask?

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Skypiea/Jaya >Thriller Bark = Whole Cake Island > Water 7/Enies Lobby > Loguetown >Arlong Park > Impel Down > Arabasta > Punk Hazard > Drum > Amazon Lily >Baratie > Saobody 2 > Marineford > Dressrosa > Romance Dawn > Syrup Island > Davy Back Fight> Little Garden > Reverse Mt/Tombstone > Fishman Island

Wano is too early to tell, so far it's middling but Onigashima might turn it around.

i hope we get another musician that doesn't rely on his fruit for music, so brook can have a actual skilled musicbattle with him

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So far wano has been one of the best arcs in one piece, by far the best post timeskip arc
It can only go bad if oda fucks up onigashima hard core

fuck typing. wano is somewhere in c or b tier, could go to a tier depending on how good the payoffs will be.

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UROUGECHAD reporting in

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Best Pre: Skypiea
Worst pre : baratie
Best post: rev
Worst post: fishman/wano

I suddenly want Ingram and Brooks to meat

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Best: Syrup Village
Worst: Zou

Not even a Usopp fag but he's one of the best characters and his arc was amazing.
>first serious villain and plot
>the touching relationship with Kaya and the villagers
>the way Kaya pretended to belive his lies to humor him just as much as he told the lies to humor her.
>his loneliness and insecurity
>his stepping up when his village is in danger
>the way SH recognized a brave man in a guy that thinks he's a coward just because he's scared

Fuck furniggers, I wish they all died of AIDS, every time I saw them do the "garchu :3" greeting and invade personal space I wanted to slit my own threat cause it reminded me of this
I wish Jack would finish the job and genocide the furries, I hate the way Oda gave them all the same furfag larpy personaliy. I hate them. They're so fucking cringe it's painful. I legitimately hope yonkos manage to kill all the furries although I know it's not going to happen.

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Nobody can die in OP? Seriously?

>Man, would be kinda sweet if Kyoshiro betrayed us, then I'd have an excuse to beat the shit out of him for making me do his dirty work

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My sunshine

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Gin's fruit



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Hyogoro, Kin'emon and Law have death flags right now

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Kiku could join and play her shamisen

Let's hope they kill off Inuarashi atleast, waste of space. Maybe Carrot too but I don't see that happening due to plot armor.

Page One and Ulti are cute! CUTE!

He won't since this the tradegy act in kabiki plays

The alliance will lose


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Garbage taste
>fishman island
Pleb filtered
Not even to the halfway mark, impatient retard

Enies Lobby > Impel Down > Alabasta > Marineford > Sabaody > Water 7 > Post-War > Arlong Park > Skypeia > Jaya > Baratie > Romance Dawn > Drum Island > Syrup Village > Davy Back Fight > Reverse Mountain > Amazon Lily > Little Garden

Dressrosa Birdcage > WCI Escape > Wano Act 3 > Wano Act 2 > Zou > Reverie > Return to Sabaody > Wano Act 1 > Fishman Island > WCI > Dressrosa > Punk Hazard

>Brook will never bet his soul in a musician duel to save the mugiwaras

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