One Punch Man

Which monster is he gonna job to in the raid?

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They're all getting there just in time to get their ass kicked by Monster Garou

ENW probably, his peanut brain is just gonna keep swinging at it


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What killed the hype?

he's gonna take out fuhrer ugly instead of bang
bang beating 2 dragons so easely was retarded

in 5 years when the manga reaches up to the webcomic will 0ne just let it overtake and put more focus into that or the manga end after this arc?

i love tatsumaki!

Why would he end his cash cow when he can prolong it like how he added the martial arts tournament

Is Mizuki the only Murata original character or are there others

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that moment would be ruined if Bang only beats one of them, or none

EvilEye and Lily.

at the moment ONE is rewriting and redrawing the original webcomic version, meaning once Murata catches up to the later arcs, which are already written by ONEs current standards,he won't have to do that anymore and can focus on creating new webcomic chapters

Half of shadowring. Her outside appearance was done by ONE but how she looked under the hood was chosen by Murata

Well a lot of characters' looks are chosen by Murata aren't they? This is how ONE drew DO-S for example

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>people actually think she will replace black sperm as saitamas pet

why are anti-sperm fags so delusional?

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More like people who don’t think much. Monako is way too different from him to be his replacement.

Murata simply petrified her, but with "looked under the hood" i meant that he literally choose what is suppose to be under there. His first concept was an old lady instead of a chubby cute girl

How is it retarded when Flashy can also defeat two low tier dragons at once?

Those were recently transformed monsters who still had trouble controlling themselves, hence why they were still just cadre candidates.

why when the two dragons he beat werent even the strongest of the cadres. Also with addition of elder hes shown he has enough power to contend with dragons.

I hope Monako dies just for the seethe, I wonder if it'll be bigger than when Mask killed do-s

Gums and Fuhrer aren't exactly top of the line cadres so they might not be that much stronger than Gale and Hellfire. Plus it's not like SIlver Fang is at the top of the rankings just for show.


>bang beating 2 dragons so easely was retarded
it was Bang only moment to shine, plus it's way less impressive now that 3 dragon level have been taken out before the ground battle even started

That's so predictable, but then again I think this board had predicted basically every new manga plotpoint so I wouldn't be surprised

unironically Garou. it would be a solid way to demonstrate his growth. not going to be a fight though. bat is going to get one shot.

Maybe it will be Metal Bat instead of Golden Sperm that pushes Garou into his monster form.

Doubtful since metal bat already lost the initial fight and hes still injured. wont get much growth from that compared to golden sperm

>but then again I think this board had predicted basically every new manga plotpoint so I wouldn't be surprised

Lots of things were never guessed. Like Psykos actually getting a giant monster form, instead of just Orochi fighting.

Bang will one-shot Gums and FU. What ONE could do with Metal Bat is to make him fight a little with the cadres to save Tatsumaki and Genos, for example, before Bang and Bomb come in. Or maybe, make him fight with ENW or the BS copies, or make him fight a little with Multi Cell Sperm, before getting utterly wrecked by AG. Same for Bomb, who will get an extended fight to shine, since in the WC he gets ingloriously one-shotted. There are a lot of moments and villains to make Metal Bat and Bomb fight without undermining Bang and Amai Mask glory moments.