What the FUCK was her problem?

what the FUCK was her problem?

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She was a bitch. I will never forgive her for killing Sheele.

She's wearing really stupid armour

She wanted to stop the bad giys

Needed injustice.

Not enough dick


Absolutely nothing, terrorist fucks get out!

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Should've been part of Wave's harem.

Should've been the main character. Akame ga Kill was such trash, would've been entertaining if the oppressive empire were the protagonists, for more edge points.

Just a normal psychopath

Mine best girl

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Her problem is the same as everyone working for the Empire. If you're in a nation of fanactics, you'll mostly get fanactic nationalists there.

She wasnt a psychopath by a any stretch, just poorly written.

What the fuck was every villain's problem in that show? They couldn't go 30 seconds without twirling their mustaches.

Negative IQ
Mental disorders

Indeed, started watching it in 2014 believing to be more of a Game of Thrones, but it ended up to have a similar faction lore akin to Star Wars.

that would kill the hype for Overlord on the following year.

Literally nothing. Criminals should be killed

That’s a good thing.


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Walking meme

Isn't this just Shinka? WTF?

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No, she’s someone way more entertaining.

1. Her armor does not cover her abdominal region
2. Her own self-righteousness blinded her from seeing the Prime Minister's corruption
3. She does not get big dick rammed into her

Can't get more entertaining than based Shinka.

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Her problem was being a dyke

I love her archetype. Paladin of justic that never falters, never compromises, not even in face of armageddon. Also she's a cute and good people that aren't criminal scum don't have anything to be afraid of.

>They couldn't go 30 seconds without twirling their mustaches.
How else would you know they are the vilain if they didn't?

By their evil laugh? user, this is some basic knowledge.

She's not married to me.