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what is the problem with symbol of peace?
the society was relying on one pillar "I never saw it as a problem" but some argue and said it was a problem! all might hide his weakness is because it's his own secret to keep and sharing that would cased a panic. new that everyone looking at endeavor as the new symbol what kind of a symbol will he be and will he be a solo pillar as al might?

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Endeavour raped his wife.

symbol of

>it was a problem
fuck yeah, it was/still.

all might never, he knew he isn't immortal or invincible. and people were in Total dependency on him. now that he's retired, everybody is warry and concern about the heroes

>some argue and said it was a problem
I wonder how can you be so blind to not see the problem, here. The symbol of peace is still a human being, as such is meant to go down at one point and if society stands on a single pillar it will go down with it eventually, especially if said pillar grows more and more unreachable by the generation. And even if society doesn't completely crumble in these transition periods, it will still experience a deep instability while the new symbol grows up to its role

>one pillar
it worked for superman!!

Superman is practically immortal, and depending on the timeline there are lots of heroes as strong as him

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>Dead thread

It didn't make sense to start with, why didn't the criminals just do things furtively with their superpowers.

Why are there even criminals to begin with? Being a hero is a nice occupation that affords you with many benefits.

didn't superman die in the 90s?

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he did what he can. Chose his successor and trained him

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>Chooses a weak quirkless loser

He was a weak quirkless loser too

>Plot point happens
>its okay when every other series does it

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Then I will marry middle school student Izuku Midoriya

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When he had absolutely no choice because his body couldn't handle his power anymore. He waited ignoring the problem until it was way too late to minimize the uncertainty coming from the loss of the symbol, so Deku will have to rebuild the whole pillar by himself

>basically tells him that once he gets his shit together she'd be waiting with her legs wide open for him

How are fujos coping with this based ship?

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>what kind of a symbol will he be
symbol of rape
symbol of abuse
>will he be a solo pillar as al might

Because retards need something easy to blame. They don't want problems to complicated, they want problems that can simply be punched away. Nobody pretends to be the bad guy IRL cause it's not beneficial and you'd just get ganged up on as an easy target.

>what is the problem with symbol of peace?
The problem is that the symbol does not inspire the masses to fend for themselves, but rather continue to be dependent with the current system and the professional heroes who cleans their messes. What's worse is that it's believed that the masses are at fault for this, when it's not even their mess entirely. The crime rate is perpetual due to the narrative propagated by the government that whoever commits a criminal act is deemed villainous, which automatically condemns the person as "evil", and shunned by society.

The symbol of peace is not above the system, but at the beck and call of the government-mandated commission made to regulate and capitalize on heroism itself, when the symbol should be above any system who fights for those oppressed by and against it, based on the symbol's own moral code.

TL;DR Vigilantes are the real heroes.

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he gave him a Weight gaining program and "good luck with the power kid"

Chapter officialy out


The point is that it would be better to not have a single successor for the symbol of peace (his quirk aside). The heroes should have been working on a way of presenting themselves that doesn't have a single point of failure, but something that can continue to grow and still shine a light into the darkness of society.