Put on your swimsuit Yas Forums we're going to the beach!

Put on your swimsuit Yas Forums we're going to the beach!

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I can't swim

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I'll teach you!

i dont have any saved image of an anime girl in a swimsuit

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im black and retarded

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That makes you a failure..... Lurk Maor and save EVERYTHING in this thread.

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but beaches are closed, onii-chan...

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Based, fuck swimming, the sea and beaches, they suck ass.

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But anone, isn't there a pandemic?

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In the world of anime there is no pandemic!

Yes, it's me, user.
What do you want?

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>tfw live close to the beach but locked inside due to quarantine

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haha her nipples are poking out

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Put your hand at a 45 degree angle to the water, and swing your arm. Turn your hand, swing the arm back. That's it. You can now generate continuous lift and tread water.

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be sure to put on sunscreen user!

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Anyone that isn't wearing a one piece swimsuit is a whore.

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