Is this actually worth watching or is it just more pretentious hipster tr/a/sh?

Is this actually worth watching or is it just more pretentious hipster tr/a/sh?

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haibane renmei is better

It's 13 episodes,just watch it

It's not pretentious at all. People use the pretentious meme with all those anime or manga that aren't straightforward andlv heavily rely on visual storytelling.

It’s not that Lain itself is pretentious, it’s the fans that are pretentious.

dont watch it retard

>all fans are the same individual
You know, some people just want to discuss the anime in peace without offending those who didn't like it or that dropped it.
Then there's a bunch of shitposters that regularly come to Lain's threads to start accusing fans of being pretentious and the show being overrated, so who is the asshole here? I don't care what is your opinion on the show, stop being cunts.

It predicted the effects of the rise of social media and cyber bullying.
It's a bit dated but historically relevant.

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I'm not sure I even remember what the show was about.
The only thing I remember is some kind of garden(?) and an old man

You remember episode 6 then.

Might as well rewatch it then.

It's interesting how contemporary Lain is. It aged like fine wine

Holy shit shut the fuck up with this ayy lmao autistic lain shit. You've been doing this for like 3 fucking weeks get a fucking life you fucking autist.

>I want a hugbox

ok this is how the anime goes:
shit is confusing but also boring for 13 straight episodes
does that sound like fun to you?


Not the point.
There are more shitposters calling Lain fans pretentious than actually pretentious Lain fans.

good post

I still don't understand how did ironic weebs got a hold of this. Lain should have remain an obscure anime on Yas Forums desu.

Nothing is really obscure nowadays. Even old niche anime get discovered and spread.

Fuck man

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It is well worth watching, just warning you that every other Anime will feel mediocre and pale in comparison for a while.

probably cause "lol its so weird and all anime is weird isn't japan so weird" and its licensed by Funimation.


Only one way to find out, faggot.


Fucking watch it. You have all the free time, escpeically since corona. You are capable of choosing your own actions, you don't need Yas Forums to tell you what to watch.


Not tr/a/sh, /g/omi.

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I discovered it when I found the art book at Barnes and Noble. I still have it.

but i need random people on the internet to give me validation!!!!! i cant think for myself!!!!!


Because all the new anime youtubers started making ""video essays"" about it