Danberu nan kiro moteru?

Time for CHAPTER 97! I hope you're ready for another exercise, gang! Would you do the exercise...for a Scooby Snack?

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Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru?
How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift?
Chapter 97 - Kettlebell Swing

Page 01
[Everyone decided to go on a trip to Russia, together.]

Thank yошо! // I'll guide you all over Russia!
[Zina Void]
Why am I...
[Tachibana Satomi]
A teacher acts like a parent.
I wish Eimi was coming, too.
She's taking consecutive holidays with her cruiser coterie.

Ehm? Speaking of which, // isn't Uehara-san TERRIFIED OF AIRPLANES?

Yeah, totally. // But this time I can go 'cause it's a CRUISE SHIP!
[Uehara Ayaka]
[Sakura Hibiki]
[Sōryūin Akemi]

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Page 02
--> Sōryūin Private Jet
Umm, the transport might've changed a little... // It's basically the same, just sailing in the sky...
Sorry Ayaka... The cruise ship we planned on boarding broke down and the trip was cancelled.

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Page 04
>sfx = kiiiiiiii

Is this even an airplane? (Ta)
Как всегда, just like a hotel loungeшо!
Par-for-the-course when it comes to Sōryūin financial strength... (Hi)
? // Is this different from anyone else's own plane? (Ake)
We weren't all born-royalty...(Hi)
>*Hibiki and Zina have already been aboard when they went to America.

How is it, Ayaka? // Not so bad, hey?

Yup! The plane ain't so bad either! Yup! I got it!

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Page 05
OK, I'll be landing first, then.

Moron! Wanna be algae to Sea of Japan!?
>sfx = SNATCH
No helping it... Gotta tie her up until touchdown.
Don't go making spooky decisions.

Still a pickle, but we cannot turn back...
....I got it!

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Page 06
Let us replace aerophobia with Russophilia! (Ake)
>textright = Matryoshka
>textcenter = Borscht
>textleft = Pirozhki
That's it! Focus her hype on Russia! (Z)

Look, Ayaka! Matryoshka!
How about hot borscht?
Thoughtful, but pointless.

Ara? // What're these?
Ah, those are KETTLEBELLS. (Ake)

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Page 07
KETTLEBELLS are training equipment with Russian origin.
Recently, they've been more frequently seen in Japanese gyms.

Kettlebells are very similar to dumbbells, coming in various weights.

Of course, they can be used as alternatives to dumbbells,
so this time, we'll introduce training unique to kettlebells.

Stand upright, shoulders back, feet spread wide apart and hold a single kettlebell between with both hands.

>---->face forward
With your knees bent, hold your hips low and back.
Next, swing the kettlebell front to back between your legs.

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Page 08
On the return oscillation, use the momentum to lift the kettlebell chest-level. (Standing tall is also recommended)

Kettlebell swinging is training that requires coordination of the entire body's muscles.
Do not try and perform this exercise with arm strength alone.

Handling kettlebells on an aircraft is a nuisance to others.
Unless you own a private jet, please train on the ground.
>-->Private Jet

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Page 09
The kettlebell swing can train your gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quadriceps, core muscles (around the waist), abdominals and deltoids.
You can even expect a fat-burning effect.

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Page 10
Eh! What's different about this one?
That's a Russian Wooler Хорошо kettlebell!


>sfx = TADAH!!
Reporting to Russia!

When Zina mentions "Wooler," she's referring to Chris Wooler who gained famed for Guiness World record attempts using kettlebells and juggling.

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Page 11
[Sheremetyevo International Airport]

It's Russia!
How wonderful!
Are you ok, Uehara-san?
Ah, nostalgic Earth...

Now then, let's head into Moscow.
>--> Sheremetyevo International Airport

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Page 12
>sfx = Booooooo

Wa~......this mystery machine feels safe.
So, like, where first?
Alright gang, for the time being we'll check into a hotel and explore the city.

Ah! Zoinks! // How about we check out that old Sambo gym I used to practice at?

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Page 13
It's a gym with a very prestigious history, famous even outside Russia. // Sometimes, even fighters from Japan will visit to practice.

If it's not a big deal, would everyone wanna try sambo?
I do I do! This is a rare chance!
>sfx = Doo...

Хорошо! Don't worry! It will be a terrific experience!
I'm happy Uehara-san is feeling better, it's one less thing to worry about.

I wonder who that old guy in that old picture is....he looks a little familiar.............I hope he's not up to no good.......

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I'd be too afraid of slipping and throwing it by accident

Page 14
>sfx = RUINED...

.........looks run-down.
[It's not one less thing to worry about.]

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Russian Cuisine

I'll treat you to some Russian food.

First, beef stroganoff.

Next, pirozhki.

Yummy! Russia is delish!
You became a matryoshka!?

Gotta pick a weight you can handle, that's for sure. Another good reason why performing Kettlebell Swings on an aircraft is not recommended.

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Chapter 97 - Sambo Nitoku Doo, What Happened To You?

Here's MAAM's HQ tweet, btw.
I swear, if what was happening in this chapter continues next chapter.......if this arc ends with "....and I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids!" I'm gonna lose it.

Also, I figure I'll unload some of the Volume 7 Extras ITT, too.

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Aaah, a new RAW, thanks OP! Now I'm actually hype for next chapter! 2 weeks is too far!

>Would you do the exercise...for a Scooby Snack?
Please let this be real, OP

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Chapter 64.5
Volume 7 - Omake+Extras
Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru?

Page 0135
"How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift?" Bonus Chapter

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Page 0136

[Machio Naruzō]
We're going to get an anime!

.....but wait, why? I don't get it.
[Sakura Hibiki]
What I mean is, Silverman Gym is getting an anime!
Barely changin' the wording didn't 'splain squat.

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Page 0137
It will be titled, "How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift?" // A slice-of-life anime set in Silverman Gym.
'Zat so? I never thought Silverman Gym would work with anime production~

The gym is also encouraging members to play characters on the show.

We ain't voice actors... // To suddenly say "do it" is just...
Look at this!
[Sōryūin Akemi]

There is a caveat in our gym contract!
>top page text = WRITTEN OATH
(4) I hereby pledge attention should ANIMATION PRODUCTION arrive.

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Page 0138
[And so, the Silverman Gym Animation Production began.]
>cloth banner = Animation Underway



-->ED by Machio Naruzou
--->OP by Sakura Hibiki

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Page 0139
[Finally, the animation was complete.]
>supertext = Anime
>text = How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift?
>subtext = Official Announcement and Screening

I was wonderin' if it was happenin' all-at-once, // I can't believe I'm actually in an anime.
This is incredible!
Thanks to everyone for their cooperation!

The animation was done completely between me and Jason.
Drawn and voiced.
Huh. Even Gina?

>sfx = FLASH
It's finally starting!

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Page 0140
I'm going to bully my triceps surae today

[The real anime is better (maybe). Please enjoy "How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift?"!]

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Page 0145
Original Work
June 2019
"How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift?" begins broadcast.
Please watch with a dumbbell in each hand!

Original Art
Volume 7 is officially released!
And finally the anime begins broadcasting!
I promise to continue devoting myself to this series,
so I look forward to your continued, devoted support!
[Fold Cover]

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Page 0146
Original Work / Sandrovich●Yabako
Original Art / MAAM
Editor / Sho Kobayashi
Design / Yasuo Shimura
[Fold Cover]

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Page 0147
[Body Cover]

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Page 0148
[Back Body Cover]

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Page 0149
Ever lied to youself about the feeling, "I'll say it later?"
The avaricious over-eating-type high school teen, Sakura Hibiki, gradually realizes her longing feelings for Machio. And has the new year brought an even bigger promise than ever!? Test of courage, summer festival, a TV appearance, etc... this summer's muscle training is as heart-pounding as ever!
[Back Cover]

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