Storytime: Five Star Stories

Get ready for some kino. Enjoy this ride. Comment.

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You get the kino already, right ?

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I own all 14 volumes of 5SS that are out, I read all the endless pages of encyclopaedia notes and you're still a faggot for using crossboarder lingo, OP.

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Whatever, i dont even get what you mean. I donĀ“t care, since i dont force you to read along.

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>Whatever, i dont even get what you mean.
That's why you should lurk more before posting.

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I see. You would say my effort is in vain ? Should i stop ?

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It looks neat, what am i in for?

he's just sperging cause you used the word Kino, i think.
Just ignore him, and thank you for the dump

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Nice done sci-fi mecha epic, i would say.

I see. You are welcome.

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