Tower of God anime

episode 4 confirmed it
Tower of God is the new AOTS

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>While being generic shonentrash

I'm at S2 Ch 187 and so far it's really as bad as Bleach

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I'll binge it once it finishes, better be fucking good like you gookfags keep saying

no user no
wait until 11 episode are out then watch it
is VERY IMPORTANT or you will lose the best thread of decade

>episode 4 confirmed it
Tower of God is the new AOTS


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>TOG second
the absolute state of this season

>rachel fag
>hate tog
user your waifu is trash look my chart is well made

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next episode we will beat redditguya

Rachel's actually one of the only interesting characters in this cringefest

>white(F) only B+

>I-im sure next week! !

You said same shit last week nigger

unfortunately she had too few scenes to give a higher rating

Serious question because I kind of like the track suit guy and the lizard girl: how do you tolerate the Gary Stu MC? I've read a couple of chapters in advance and now it turns out he can manipulate the force or whatever the fuck that is at will, and "against the laws of the tower". What type of bullshit is that? How the writer of the webtoon can not see how stupid that is?

he is an irregular , control shinsoo without guardians consense is their privilage.
there are many of these gary stu in the tower.
regulars are just normal people irregualrs are GODS

Other beings like Baam, called Irregulars, do eventually appear. Baam being an Irregular in the first place is a very significant part of the story in the first place in that many future events wouldn't happen without it anyway.

Holy shit, this season is shit.

Wow kaguya already has a season 2

>just got to Yuto's revealed identity
It was pretty obvious, but it does make this little scene kind of cute in retrospect.

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What if the real final boss is Baam's mom?

Nope V arlen was just brainwashed by him

The final boss is Rachel

Just watched ep 1. Was expecting him to do something clever to pass the test, like luring the eel to eat and break the ball or something, but no, he just gets a free sword and wishes for it. Does it get better?

the final boss is japanese animation

Sort of. The first test makes more sense in retrospect. The tests never really reach crazy HxH mindgame levels, but the fun is seeing how the characters approach them.

white cut kallavans aem

Clean off?

yeah, but not for him. he kinda just bullshits his way through everything like that

no arm kallavan when?

Who would win? Baam or Gon? Pretty sure Killua would wreck Khun.

i hope you get at least payed for shilling this shit so hard.

The way the anime makes it sound, the only reason he gets the sword and shit is because he's cute. The real reason he gets it is because he's an irregular and that's a very big deal. The anime shits the bed with this concept quite badly in the first episode.

he kamikadzed his arm and created new one made of shinsoo with energy from explosion

Killua would reck AA but the true question is would he wreck Ran?

Fucking hell White's gonna job again isn't he, why doesn't SIU just kill him off?

Man the manga just love to disappoint. It spent so long hyping up the hell train and it ended up being the lamest shit ever. That naming station shit was cooler than anything there.
I hope the floor of death is good goddamn

I love Michel Light

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>hell train
it only gets worse afterwards

The floor of death is really fucking shit except the ending, there's a kino fight at the end. The Arcs after floor of death are the peak of ToG.

Second half of the Hidden Floor Arc is the peak of the webtoon don't lie.

Fair enough, though I feel like he's going to be a shitty MC if it's just going to be about the people around him.

Honestly not sure if that makes it better or worse, it's not like he became an irregular voluntarily, right? He just got ported in by the giant hand or whatever. It was still something that got handed to him.

Baam is an island buster

only urek is island buster now

user this is the real reason of black march
anime cut it

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do you think black march will refuse to ignite now that he's no longer an indifferent waifufag and is now a socjus climber