What anime character does Yas Forums relate to?

i can relate to sasuke. we are both hated for no reason. We of us have lived in tragedy and heartbreak. We both have understood darkness and let it consume us as there is no hope in this world. I am an avenger as is he. I have already bought sharingan contacts, changed my hairstyle and dress sense. The only person who would understand me is Sasuke. I wish he was real.

How about you anons?

>pic related is Sasuke Uchiha from the anime naruto, which i was referencing from

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I know this copypasta

Literally me.

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so basically cowboy bebop

i thought this sasuke character was from clorox? never heard of this naruto before, thank you! will give it a watch!

>tfw i made it a couple years back whilst bored in uni

I can relate to War Angel on a spiritual level

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I don't relate to Kanie, I AM Kanie. Watching his show I went into a state of paranoia that somebody from KyoAni was watching me. Every single one of his actions are what I do. Every word he utters every tone he takes are directly modelled after me. This anime character is literally the truest sense of myself I've ever seem and it fucking disgusts me that people around the world watch this guy fuck about in an amusement park not knowing that he a is a living breathing human. His confidence and snarky tone were shaped by the gods when I was created. I'm so fucking based, so unfathomably based I can do anything I want to without fail. My confidence in myself is unwavering because I know for a fact that I will never fail to succeed at anything I try. The only difference between us is that I've never met Sento Isuzu. But I know I will, and all of our interactions will go exactly as they did in Amagi Brilliant Park, because whoever created this anime knows me down to my core and predicted what will happen to me. My fate is already sealed, and there's not a single fucking thing I can do about it. The only difference between us is that I would fuck Sento into a vegetative state upon first meeting her

For me it's the Joker. Intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor.

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This is literally me, fuck family and fuck children.

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If you want a serious answer for me it would be Orihime

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for me, it's Hisoka. Intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor

You also forgot.
>sore loser

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This is literally me.

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Extremely based

I haven't had such a good laugh in a while user, thank you.
If by any chance you are serious, don't take it personal. I wish you the best of luck with the many hours you will spend brooding. Hell, maybe you'll even become hokage o,f wherever it is you live.

>i made it
why lie user

Fugaku Uchiha because I fucked op's mom

literally me...

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>tfw when your grandfather is senile, your friends are all dead and your own daughter hates you
My condolences

>are all dead
I fucking wish, Polnareffu didn't deserve this shit.

Classy, mysterious, sophisticated.
Hmm, yes that's quite literally me

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You will never be a woman. Try to remember that as you dilate.

are you also a war criminal?

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user you are obsessed I never said I was a woman just that a can relate to her

also growing to be his own father, whom he so despised, 1:1

Most Yas Forumsnons secretly have a tranny fetish.

unironically I relate to this dude so much

>am the unpopular one in circle of friends
>there the one girl who in out group who is constantly whiny and everyone bends to her beck and call
>I call out her bullshit all the time and people think I'm too harsh
>will never be popular with girls because I'm just that type of personality

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I'll admit I'm literally jerking off to shemale porn right now

Futa =/= tranny

I unironically relate to Sasuke. Not the "avenger", "darkness", "tragedy" and etc, of course, but more of the communication problems, pride and overall...mentality? Idk how to even call that
That being said, this pasta sucks ass

>Idk how to even call that
Being an angsty teenager


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Did I mention futa?

>how to even call that
What language does this make sense in?

This character is literally me, intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor.

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You'll get it as well after you've learned basic reading comprehension in high school.