Yas Forums in 2005

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3 faces with different hairstyles

>armed and extremely dangerous
>threat level: Low
This is stupid.

Haven't seen this dumb pic in a long time.

Seeing Negi is silly in hindsight


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Has it really been 25 years? It feels like 45 years.

>Has it really been 25 years?


I recall it updated with one of them getting an x

You are bad at math.

2000 was 35 years ago

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why are oldfags so cringe

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The threat level was about how likely it was for him to steal you're waifu, not how strong he is.

pick one

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>Not even Vista
Oh. I feel old.

i still had xp when everyone had vista.

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Because cringe is fun.

this takes me back.

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Imagine having rotatable 4:3 HiDPI monitors today.

haha no no 1995 was 300 years ago LOL

>you went from 95 directly to XP so you don't have any memory of most of those

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You missed out on 2000, which was mostly just XP with fewer multimedia codecs and worse game compatibility from the average home user's perspective. The top three sucked, and Longhorn is the future we could have had if MS had its priorities straight.


>2005 is 5 years ago

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Jesus why is every male protagonist outside of popular Shonen or Seinein SO FUCKING BLAND

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Will this website be here for another decade?

This shit was cringe af even back then.