Alright we had a shit mc thread. Lets get a great mc thread going

Alright we had a shit mc thread. Lets get a great mc thread going

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Kyon is THE mc

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Best Macross protag hands down

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Before we start, what you are looking at pic related is the face of an ill, psychopathic potential murderer kid, we can start then.

>abandoned by his father as a child and told lies from his aunt
>playground was a forest full of savage animals and shits
>probably indued or raped by hot pirate girls
>at the first arc of the story he is 12 year old and has no problems with seeing people kill each other, he doesn't care, indifferent to death and murdering
>he becomes best friends with a hitman kid and has no problems with it he doesn't care, still indifferent to murdering
>he cares about helping his mentally unstable friend to kill all the guys who killed his entire tribe, this same friend is the one who joined a mafia that deals with killing, drugs, weapons and other horrible things like human trafficking just to satiate his revenge, our MC doesn't care anyway, he wants to help him even
>he asks one of the "bad guys" why does he kill people that have nothing to do with him without feeling anything, that doesn't make sense, normal people wouldn't give a fuck about someone they don't know dying off, our MC in the other hand showed us that he probably would like to kill people he cares about, what the fuck?
>if his "friends" kill its okay
>Hisoka being a murderer and a pedo that kills because he is a thirsty motherfucker recognizes in Gon the potential of becoming as twisted as him, a fucking psycho.
>willing to kill an innocent girl just to kill someone to satisfy his revenge, not even Kurapika thinks about doing this
>takes innocent girl hostage as well

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Hachiken is amazing

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Why was Howaito the best anime-only character ever concieved in an adaption?

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I love this perverted lazy scumbag like you wouldn't believe

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I miss Kekkai Sensen like you fellas won't believe

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Pics not related i hope.
Here a good one.

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Shinsuke was based as fuck. Stole the entire manga and my heart.

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Harry McKenzie


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Great taste

Great argument user.

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The best right here.

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Zhao Yun, The King of Assassins has found his bright path in life.

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this leeching parasite piece of shit

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>literally me

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Sugimoto is based and great mc of his series.

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