Terrible Villains

Who are some genuinely badly written villains/antagonists, Yas Forumsnons? Not referring to gag villains or ones intentionally made to be lame. Antagonists with bad motives and methods of achieving their goal. Or ones that have poor interactions with the protagonists.

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the cringe elves from Black Clover

I want to hold him down and lick his face.

he was good when he was first introduce but hori somehow turned him into bullshit

Most of BHA arc villains
>Shiggy is pretty shit overall
>Stain's impact almost completely disappears after his arc concluded despite Hori making a big deal about him impacting the fabric hero society
>AfO feels like Hori ejaculating way too early on his most developed villain

He's a jobber for days, but he fits in with the narrative started with Stain. No doubt he'll be back later.

Remember when normalfags praised Stain and called him a morally grey villain? KEK. Every antagonist in MHA is garbage.

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Him being a jobber doesn't really matter to me. His plan, especially with what else he could be doing with his quirk, was absolutely retarded.

not sure if she counts as an antagonist but she was garbage

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>Every antagonist in MHA is garbage.
From what little I've seen/read this seems to be true for all characters in MHA.

As expected from a shoujo series.

>Remember when normalfags praised Stain and called him a morally grey villain?
What is it with normalfags praising this series to high heaven and even calling it a deconstruction, were they just high off the anime's visuals and ost?

>>Every antagonist in MHA is garbage.
MHA is garbage

I honestly think most DBZ onwards villains are pretty bad
Raditz was extremely wasted potential
Frieza and Cell are really one note villains basically just alien monster things Frieza just wants to conquer stuff I still don't really get what Cell actually wanted he just killed people so he was bad I guess
Buu is actually the best one imo because he has some development and changes a lot in his different forms
Goku Black/Zamasu along with all GT villains are all like some bizarre fanfic villains
And then Jiren is just the most generic pointless "villain" of all time

wasted potential but not really garbage, she fell victim to the utter edginess of that series

>What is it with normalfags praising this series
They unironically haven't watched enough anime.

The worst part is that people actually think he's a good character

explain why makishima isn't the best guy

Agreed which is why I don't think it's the last of him. If his moisture ploins are ruint because his gangster sensei kicked the bucket because of his retardation I could see him going OFA mode with the zombie parts acquisition strategy of burn this mother to the ground cause reasons.

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She was far from the worst villain in AgK and was in fact one of the highlights. That she died right before the Wild Hunt arc where her character would've shined the most is further proof that Takahiro is a hack.

Frieza, Cell, and Black/Zamasu mostly got by through their awesome VA'ing and cool designs.

wow dude, like, literature and shit... Woah, he's deep

Other than Aizen, did Bleach have any good villains?

Yeah Kubo

>philip k dick? I see you're a man of culture as well
>lol I'm going to kill your friend in front of you so edgy exsdee
>supposed to be some sort of super genius psychologist but in reality feels like an inferior Gilgamesh(fate/zero forma) with some book references instead of proper dialogue
>gets defeated like a clown
I don't think even Urobuchi himself took this character seriously. The only reason his secondary villain goons looked worse than him is because they weren't smug bishounens with Sakurai's voice.

Besides their retarded dialogue, what about the elves where bad?
OP asked for no gag or intentionally written lame villains. Though most characters in One Piece are silly.

The whole overhaul was super waste of potential.
>Deku being a cuck to Tin-tin/Lucas/Mirio
>Hardly any Deku and Overhaul interactions
>Overhaul using his powers in boring way
>Overhaul turning into a FUCKING kaiju and throw power scaling out the window
>also the arc felt short

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>literature and shit
he was trying to prove a point. the point being is that an inherently flawed system cannot control nippon masterrace. he did have questionable methods and his character wasn't what you could call well-written, he's still one of the more sophisticated villains i've seen in anime.

other anime include villains who are complete and utter dogshit without motives. i've yet to see an anime which includes a half-decent villain

>>also the arc felt short
One of the biggest complaints around the time that arc ended was that the arc lasted too long for how mediocre the payoff was

>his character wasn't what you could call well-written
>he's still one of the more sophisticated villains i've seen in anime.
Pick one. A concept alone doesn't make character sophisticated.

I think just judging a villain base on his/her motives is flawed. A good villain is one that have great on scene presence, menacing and feel threaten. You can have a villain with the most sympathetic motive ever but he/she would still be shit if he/she is boring.

Muzan was just a retard. He was hot as a hooker though.

Shiggy, definitely. The root of his whole motive is that his dad spanked him in the ass.

Didn't know Michael Jackson was your type


what i meant by well-written was that we didn't really get to know makishima really well. his character had a lot of mystery but his motives were clear and throughout the entire series, as you got to know more about him, you started routing for him more than for the main cast. that's what i'd call sophisticated.

the helmet shenanigans was truly the peak of the series and seeing references to it in s2 and s3 truly gives makishima's actions more depth.


The only redeeming quality of him

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Dropped the show due to this Season

Don't BS me that "it gets better" shows never recover from massive dips in quality

His voice actor is a redeeming quality too.

>A good villain is one that have great on scene presence, menacing and feel threaten.
Yeah, I should have been more specific. I thought the part with interactions with the protagonists would have covered that.
>You can have a villain with the most sympathetic motive ever but he/she would still be shit if he/she is boring.
I never really stated that a sympathetic motive is what makes a antagonists good.

seems based to me. what did you have a problem with?

Honestly it work for every motive too. he/she can have the most boring motive ever but as long as he/she have a good presence and entertain then that villain is good. heck some of the most memorable villains is one-dimension bad guy yet their presentation made up for that.