Post Manga you started loving, but ended up hating

Post Manga you started loving, but ended up hating.
No shipping bullshit.
Mine is Naruto, I hated how it went from "dude, make your own path, watch me, I worked my ass to get where I am", to "nevermind, I'm the chosen one"

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More apathetic than hate but:


Vinland Saga followed the historical path of Sweden: it went from Vikings to tranny shit.

Naruto was great til the end.

Mine is One Piece. Got boring after several arcs.

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I stopped OP at the end of Big Mom's. Not a single arc after the timeskip eas interesting. There are too many characters and events happening at the same time, most of the Crew just deals with minions, or one hit lucky strikes to save the day. Fuck I don't even remember when was the last time Zoro had a proper fight.
To me, it never got better than Alabasta, but everything until Ace's execution was pretty solid.
I still remember the Ennies Lobby threads.

100% this. Alabasta was great. And then it kinda started slowly going downhill from there.

one piece
i am so hyped when the first time i see all strawhat design after time skip, fishman island is ok, but i hate punk hazard, i decided to keep reading it and dressrosa make me drop it.

I still like the water 7 saga the most but yeah everything after alabasta is super bloated. The Dressrosa arc alone is almost as long as the entire baroque works saga.

More disappointment than hate, to name something more obscure: Madame Petit. It started off as a fun 20s European adventure surrounding the mystery of the heroine's "dead" husband, and ended as a political drama about the Indian prince love interest instead. I don't mind the shift in tone so much as how it sidelined the heroine's plot.

*meant summit war instead of alabasta

>Naruto was great til the end.

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Don't know if hate is the correct word since I was kinda relieved actually when it ended. I stopped hating (or feeling anything for that matters) like 10 volumes before the actual last volume so I was happy to end the series and move on to another one.

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Because the site labelled it as completed and just as it was getting interesting it was fucking dropped.

But Obito wore glasses

It should be zetsu, then Kaguya

And he was pretty fucking worthless by his own admission.

Beastars and The promised neverland.

Beastars author didn’t realise that the main draw for the series was the romance between the main couple, but barely gives any screen time or development to their relationship.

The promised neverland peaked with its first arc and becomes pretty aimless afterwards. Also suffers for losing Isabella as it’s primary antagonist.

Pika while far from his best is still a proper fight that Zoro didn't just one shot like he did Hody

20th century boys

holy shit that second timeskip was garbage what the fuck was he thinking

Berserk got shit after Conviction
Vagabond was great the whole way through
Sidonia went from amazing to really disappointing and I wish Nihei could have done better, I love his designs
Based, fuck Swedes

I like every One Piece arc except Punk Hazard
Sounds like the structure of the story isn't for you

Promised neverland really dropped off. I didnt mind the desert and pond arc but man after those its really really bad.

Kingdom and Hajime No Ippo while overall good, feel like a never-ending loop.


Tokyo Ghoul
Fairy Tail

Yesterday wo Utatte
Shokugeki no Soma
Aku no Hana

naruto as a shonen, with all its flaws was pretty good, not a masterpiece or anything but pretty good up until the ninja war,everything FUCKING EVERYTHING went to hell on that fucking saga and all because kishi wanted to draw samurais in space like a fucking retard

Madara, Hashirama, and Bee and Naruto were entertaining. But almost everything else drags. Kabuto being a sage was pretty pointless, he could've used that form to bind Madara and help him take over everything since even Obito couldn't stop him. Instead he blew it on Itachi.


Naruto wasn't about making your own path. It was about finding conviction and sticking to it.

>but muh Neji fight
That fight with Neji was just to show that Naruto could defy everyone's pre conceptions of him. He was always seen as dumber and weaker than everyone else, although even in part 1 people were already commenting on his growth.

Yeah, he got Uzumaki genes and kyuubi chakra. That doesn't negate all the intense work he put into learning things like sage mode or KCM.

The real message of Naruto is about not wavering, not giving up, and holding your true friends dear. At no point outside the Neji fight does the story try to approach a tale of an underdog rising up. The fact that Orochimaru tried to kill Naruto out of fear of him mastering Kurama, after he wrecks Kabuto with a rasengan, is proof of that.

Fucking nice.
It became shit right after farmland. there was some salvagable stuff that was hyped since eitherfarmland or a bit after like a trading job in the Roman Empire, where christains where domonaint as opposed to the pagan lands they where used to. what have been nice to see there reaction to this. But nope time skip also gonna skip the marraige. FUCK Vinland. Farmland was Kino and top tier how did it go from 10/10 to 0/10 trash so fast?

What are you talking about, bro? NAruto was the choosen one since day one.

Kingdom, Vinland Saga, Sun-Ken Rock
not manga but Feng Shen Ji, Breaker