Episode 4 airing today

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she looks stupid

more pegging?

The lips kinda ruin it.

I would love to.

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Always stick your dick in crazy.

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I wish.

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chapter 54 fucking when?

I prefer the other crazy

>he's pulling down my panties
>let's keep pretending to be unconscious and see where it goes


I want Claire to fuck my back-pussy.

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Guys I CUMMED because this show so accurately portrays what it's like to be a beta male who puts a girl on a pedestal and allowing her to control you

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In her butt.

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You can't make this shit up.

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>freckles + crazy
nice, maybe i should pick this up


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Girl looks cute, does this have a decent plot or is it just coomerbait?

What book is that guy reading?


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You have to go back.

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No tits.

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Will the BD have tits?

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