Why is sayaka unlikable?

Why is sayaka unlikable?

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she's a simp and it hits too close to home

No idea, I always liked her.

no room for debate

This right here.

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I think she has the best character arc in the series.

Sayaka is great though.

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shit voice, generic face and hair

Best meguca.


Idiot who cannot accept she fucked up and instead keeps trying to push her brand of Justice when it's clearly eating her away to keep herself busy from the fact that she got fucked.

Because she's the real pleb filter of the anime.

Nice try, plenty of Madoka fans dislike Sayaka.

She’s not unlikable, she’s just dumb.

she was human

Because she's the only well-written character in the series and dumb otaku hate her acting like an actual human.

she is honto baka

>plenty of plebs dislike Sayaka
Thank you.

Only when he was still clinging to Kyousuke.
With Kyouko, he' s much better.

Also, explain me this, why do the official subs print it it as “kyoko” omitting the double vowel, but still use “kyousuke”, which is surely the same?

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Cus she's dumb as shit but that's also the point and dumb retards on Yas Forums just get mad at her for not doing the 'obvious' without considering how her emotions play into anything.

Even still, she's best as an extension to Kyouko's character arc. They're great together.

She's a retard.
>waste your only fucking wish on some boy
>not on healing powers/auro or anything better that helping one person fullfill their dream
And then she went INSANNEEEEE and become a witch, fuck off.

The same problem with all those wishes; “any one wish” is simply a plot hole, as it's too powerful, but they all make trivial wishes, and at the end all problems are solved because one of them decides to actually make a powerful wish that solves all problems.

Because you have shit taste.

> solves all problems

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Sayaka a shit

>I'm so noble to wish for someone else's sake
>oh no turns out it was a selfish wish all along
>guess I'll die

I don't think she was supposed to be likable, she was supposed to be incredibly realistic of something someone would actually do in this universe and the depths they could fall to once they discovered the truth a lot like others in the series.

>she's a simp
I can guess you might be joking, but you may actually be right. Why did she waste her wish on a dude, that she wasn't guaranteed to get?

Please don’t bully Sayaka.